O3: Supporting Non-Western Calendars (Ethiopia and beyond...)

Currently the members of @OHRI and @dkayiwa and I are working with the @ICAPEthiopia team to develop O3 + OHRI for Ethiopian HIV care programs.

Kudos to @amanryder and @melkammekonnen who are developing a component for OpenMRS 3 that will enable using a non-gregorian calendar, while still persisting the gregorian date stamp (since most analytics tools don’t support non-gregorian dates for data analysis).

My favorite part of what they’re doing is that the library they’re using can be leveraged to support additional calendars, such as Thai, Persian, Nepali, etc. (This is the library: jQuery Calendars)

@amanryder would you be able to share more, and perhaps share a link to the code whenever you’re ready?

Also curious to hear from others who have had to adjust an EMR calendar to support a non-gregorian calendar in the past :slight_smile: (eg cc @suruchi @sanjayap @mseaton @ddesimone @mksrom …)


This is amazing. At @MekomSolutions we’re supportive of all work that facilitates internationalisation and regionalisation of O3. Thanks to all that are working on this :+1:


Update as of last night :smiley: (Kudos to @amanryder! We believe the way this has been done should also be form-engine-agnostic)

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