O3: Proposing "Form Embeddable Widgets"

The @ICAPEthiopia team are working together with me, @dkayiwa, and @UCSF on an address hierarchy module, discussed here.

We would like to use this real need for the first form-embeddable esm-widget.

Why: Because this widget wants to live both inside and outside of a form. The Address Hierarchy widget has two-three places it will need to live:

  • in a Registration workflow (yes, this could/should be a form one day, but it’s not right now)
  • in a form (this was previously an issue for ICAP-ET - they already tried using Address Hierarchy in Bahmni, but it didn’t work well for them because it couldn’t be embedded in a form. And there are numerous places/forms where Address Hierarchy may need to be embedded (see requirements here).
  • possibly elsewhere in the chart (eg in a click-here-to-edit-the-address workflow… probably other use cases I’m not thinking of as well)

There are definitely other use cases as well. Eg. the 3.x designs for in-form Drug Orders, Lab Orders, Allergy reporting etc could all possibly be construed this way.

Requirement Ideas

@samuel34 & @dkayiwa & I have been discussing. Here’s our vision, and we’d like feedback from folks:

  • Self-contained widget. Not contained in the form.
  • You’d specify in your Form JSON schema “leverage this widget here”, and you might also add further config (e.g. with Address Hierarchy - this is for a patient or for a contact)
  • Not tied to an encounter, patient-centric.
  • Gets and posts data from Backend to UI

What OMRS already has

Both Samuel and Daniel pointed out that we already have a history of very similar widgets in the 2.x RefApp:

  • Encounter-Diagnosis widget in HFE
  • Concept searching, Pt search, and Encounter search can be used in any module

@mksd @mksrom @eudson @zacbutko @vasharma05 @bistenes @ibacher @jdick we’d like to hear what you think!

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@grace it should already be possible to embed (and hook to the form submission workflow) anything with custom controls. See: [O3-968] Custom components for AMPATH Forms. - OpenMRS Issues

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thank you @mksd that’s great news!!