O3: Let's move forward on Lab Orders!

This is a call for interested parties to step forward who want to work on Lab Orders for O3.

Now more than ever, the @OHRI team wants to proceed with Lab Orders in O3, and some @UWash folks are also keen to work on this (CC @mozzy @gcliff @jan).

In order to kick this off, here’s both what we already have, vs what I think we need next (open to suggestions!!):

The Order Basket Vision

The vision is, Lab Orders will be part of the O3 Order Basket the same way as Drug Orders, Referral Orders, Imaging Orders, etc. Like this:

There is also some work that’s been done for starting a lab order within a form; this is below in “What we already have”.

What we already have

  • All existing Order Basket designs:

    • General Order Basket: Zeplin - Login
    • Ordering Drugs: Zeplin - Login
    • Drug/Referral/Lab Order Forms: Zeplin - Login
      • There are already a few designs showing what a Lab Order form could look like (when the user clicks “Add+” for Lab orders, but this seems far too basic. I suspect this needs a deeper clinical look from someone like @wamz and by comparing Lab Order forms that already exist in OMRS deployments; however, most of the time OMRS systems are just recording that a lab was ordered, not actually digitally creating a lab order.
        Current, simple Lab Order Form design:
  • In-Form Ordering Flow: @pauladams I recall you did a lot of work to design how meds, referrals, and tests could be ordered/started from within a form context (eg while doing an “HIV Return Visit” form). Can you point us to these designs?

Otherwise, Two groups have already done some related work:

  • Ampath Lab Order Creation: Ampath set up their O3 form(s) to automatically trigger a lab order (with an auto-generated lab order number) if a lab test was requested as a simple drop-down option within an O3 form. (Then they connceted this via the lab order # with an existing integration with a CHAI-backed Lab Order tracking system.) @eachillah do you have any screenshots of this?

  • BM Lab Lite (tho mostly currently investing on cloud prep; later will return focus.) (@nouman) O3/Bahmni: Uploading Lab Results as an Image The current Bahmni Lab Ordering UI still looks like this:

What we still need

(I’ll update this tomorrow - hopefully this gets us started)


Thanks @grace for innitialising this thread , @OHRI ,when do we want to start having the design calls around this . can we use 3.x calls ?? or we could shedule separate calls
cc @caseynth2 @janflowers