O3/Bahmni: Uploading Lab Results as an Image

Within the Bahmni Lite project happening right now, @abhinab & @arjung with support from @n0man are solving the use case where a patient shows up with a printed lab report in-hand from another facility, and the clinician needs a fast way to add that paper report into the medical record. I.e., “Bahmni Lite Lab Results Upload”.

This will be very useful where a patient shows up with a complex X-Ray report, for example.

They are using the O3 frontend framework & design conventions to do this (very exciting!!). Sharing this here with permission:

:video_camera: Demo Video thanks to @abhinab:


Place an order in Bahmni Lab Orders:

See the Pending Lab Orders show up in the O3 UI:

Click “Upload Report”:

Complete helpful metadata:

Uploaded Results/Files now viewable:

Click to open the File image: (PR to fix scrolling will be merged soon)

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