O3 for UK Primary Care (General Practice)

Thanks @mikeforde for your intro.

Quick intro: I am leading the development of Ozone HIS and @pauladams is Co-Lead UX designer of O3.

Paul and I have discussed exactly this a couple of times, would you mind if I set up a meeting together to meet & greet and brainstorm a little? Hopefully we could also get a glimpse of your POC over a screenshare as well?


Hi Dimitri, yes that sounds great, sometime next week? Afternoons easier my side as most regular meetings in morning. Teams perhaps? I can set up via my work account.

@mikeforde in order to have @pauladams as well with us when we meet, could we do that the week after next?

Cc @cduffy @grace

Yes, works fine for me. The more the merrier!

@mikeforde I just sent you an email, let’s plan it from there.

Thanks, will do. In the meantime… Demo video of Audiogram Micro-frontend


@mikeforde I’ve just returned home from some jam-packed work travel, and watched your video. Fabulous. Mike did you do this all yourself?? I’m personally moved that you were able to set this up - it’s a very reassuring sign that maybe all our documentation effort is going in the right direction.

Beautiful work, and +100 for how you demo’d the O3 core app so clearly!! Not many people are able to articulate the “add-on” philosophy so clearly.

Was there anything you can share from your experience building this O3 app: anything particularly easy, or particularly hard? Any particular area of dev docs etc we should improve?


Thank you very much Grace, very kind of you. There are probably some top-tips I could write for fellow noobs like me getting started - when I can get around do doing it (probably as a Medium article) - but overall a fun experience and the dev docs certainly helped.