O3: Enough Demo Content...?

Trying to make sure we have enough helpful content in our O3 RefApp distro so that people can have a decent demo/exploratory experience.

There were a few gaps:

  • Drugs & Drug Templates - trying to sort out here
  • Locations - need >100 to show people how that looks; I’ve just done this PR to add 100 locations
  • Labs & Lab Panel Sets - @ibacher updated the Demo Data Module so it has lab data now. Are we all set now with Panel data as well?
  • Demo Form(s) - Building a “Generic Demo Form” in the O3 Form builder that will show off the form functionality (but formbuilder.o3.openmrs.org seems to be down when I have time to work on this) - building it using this collection I’m slowly growing.
  • Diagnoses/Conditions - New small sample collection of CIEL diagnoses created here in OCL (easy to update) and added to the O3 refapp distro today here.
  • Allergies - New CIEL Allergy Set collection created in OCL, and added to O3 refapp distro today here.
  • Immunizations - New CIEL Immunization collection created in OCL and added
  • Programs - New Programs collection created in OCL and added
  • Relationship Types - Expanded list of relationship types by creating config for this with this PR

Anything I’ve missed that folks want to see sample content for?

CC @dkigen @mksrom @mksd @zacbutko @dkigen @dkayiwa @jnsereko

(special thanks to @dkigen for pointing out the conditions and allergies gaps)

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Updated the above with work from today on Immunizations, Programs, and RelationshipTypes.