O3: Drug Orders / e-Prescribing

ICYMI, @OHRI has been re-vamping Drug Orders in O3, in addition to separate but very related work on a lightweight Dispensing Interface for Pharmacies. Realized today we need a thread to track this (meanwhile, specific discussions are ongoing for the necessary Order Templates modelling & Mapping OMRS Order statuses to FHIR).

Vision: e-prescriptions via the Order Basket, with fields auto-populated for clinicians, creating a list of ordered medications, powered by Order Templates coming from the drug concepts in the OpenMRS database.

Here’s some of the latest updates - cheers to @samuel34 who has really been the one with his sleeves rolled up on this!

Demo of the latest work by @samuel34 on August 18: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_a5u9cyzt?st=1329

CC @mksrom @reganmakanga @eudson @mozzy @pmanko @aojwang @makombe @cynthia @lousa @solemabrothers @slubwama


@samuel34 is this an accurate statement? Anything you’d change here?

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@grace perfectly drafted, only that the “drug concepts” are actually referenced from the OpenMRS database.


Updated, thank you :smiley:

Sorry if this is an obvious question or was addressed on the last O3 Squad call - @samuel34 what is the next step / what is left for the Drug Orderbasket work? Would you like some manual QA etc?

The RefApp is missing Drugs and Drug Concepts. We need to work on a minimum dataset for the RefApp

Oh! Didn’t realize this was the blocker - thank you! I will start a separate thread for this.

@grace @samuel34 what ESM repo does this code live in? I wanted to check it out to play around with it as we are working on the Dispensing functionality. Thanks!

Thanks @samuel34 !