O3: Drug Orders / e-Prescribing

ICYMI, @OHRI has been re-vamping Drug Orders in O3, in addition to separate but very related work on a lightweight Dispensing Interface for Pharmacies. Realized today we need a thread to track this (meanwhile, specific discussions are ongoing for the necessary Order Templates modelling & Mapping OMRS Order statuses to FHIR).

Vision: e-prescriptions via the Order Basket, with fields auto-populated for clinicians, creating a list of ordered medications, powered by Order Templates coming from the drug concepts in the OpenMRS database.

Here’s some of the latest updates - cheers to @samuel34 who has really been the one with his sleeves rolled up on this!

Demo of the latest work by @samuel34 on August 18: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_a5u9cyzt?st=1329

CC @mksrom @reganmakanga @eudson @mozzy @pmanko @aojwang @makombe @cynthia @lousa @solemabrothers @slubwama


@samuel34 is this an accurate statement? Anything you’d change here?

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@grace perfectly drafted, only that the “drug concepts” are actually referenced from the OpenMRS database.


Updated, thank you :smiley:

Sorry if this is an obvious question or was addressed on the last O3 Squad call - @samuel34 what is the next step / what is left for the Drug Orderbasket work? Would you like some manual QA etc?

The RefApp is missing Drugs and Drug Concepts. We need to work on a minimum dataset for the RefApp

Oh! Didn’t realize this was the blocker - thank you! I will start a separate thread for this.

@grace @samuel34 what ESM repo does this code live in? I wanted to check it out to play around with it as we are working on the Dispensing functionality. Thanks!

Thanks @samuel34 !

@samuel34 can you link me to the place in GitHub where this is…? Have been hunting today and can’t find exactly the file you are referring to. Sorry if this is obvious.