O3: Adding an HFE Form to the 3.x RefApp Demo

Thanks to the work by @icrc.psousa (described here), we now have a workaround way of showing HFE forms in the 3.x RefApp :raised_hands:

I want to implement this in our 3.x Demo.

Does any org rep here have an HFE form they’d like to see tried out on the 3.x Demo? @ddesimone @ball @ssmusoke?

Would like @ball 's opinion, but I think either of these might be good fits:

Haiti Socioeconomics Form:

Haiti Mental Health:

Not sure exactly how easy it is to bring in the metadata for these forms.

But I think these are good representations of standalone HTML Forms that could also be useful for other orgs. (although the Socio form has some Haitian Kreyol embedded in it)


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Can we test in a PIH environment? We’d love to see this work :wink:

All PIH htmlforms use a blend of CIEL and non-CIEL concepts (using concept reference mappings). The socioeconomic form will not work without the PIH concept dictionary.


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Thank you both!! OK what I will try to do this week when I get a chance, is to:

  1. Remove any questions with non-CIEL concepts
  2. Add the form(s) to the dev3 environment
  3. Test it out :smiley: Will post a video + screenshots when it’s up.

@bistenes might soon be worth pulling in the functionality (described here) into the PIH 3.x environment when you have a chance, as well.