Not able to send patient detail from Bahmni to DCM4CHEE.

Application Name: Bahmni Version Number: 0.82 Question: I have installed the DCM4CHEE and Bahmni virtual box, and configured the both as per the installation guide line available on but not able to send data from Radiology to Dcm4Chee.

Already did for setup of PACS / dcm4chee:

  1. Bahmni VM Setup (As per guidelines in):

  2. DCM4CHEE server setup with Oviyam2

Having Trouble For:

– Not able to get success for Application Entity (AET) in DCM4CHEE.

– Not able to configure and install Bahmni Pacs simulator. (Gives Error for dependency)

Please Help me to install and configure.


Here is the some log for the Bahmni Pacs simulator.

Anwered your similar question here Test PACS Setup with Bahmni PACS Simulator

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Thanks arjun, But still I am not able to setup all the things, will u please help us to configure the pacs integration. I am not getting the things that how the modality data are required to setup as we have configure with bahmni virtual box for the testing of pacs integration. And how the channel will create to send the data from bahmni to dcm4chee