Test PACS Setup with Bahmni PACS Simulator

Referring to Bahmni Wiki: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Test+PACS+Setup+with+Bahmni+PACS+Simulator

On the section “Instructions to run the Bahmni PACS emulator”

please more details on how to “Build Bahmni PACS emulator using build.sh

@ahmedgad, just running the sh file should build the PACS emulator.

sh build.sh

If you have a modality, you can skip the emulator part and directly setup the modality. Can you elaborate a bit what is your usecase exactly and what are you trying to do. Knowing that might help in helping you better.

i want to test radiology and PACS on my system virtually

when doctor make radioogy order on bahmni, i can not see this order on dcm4chee?!

Please more details on how to setup modality and worklist

Did you get a chance to read this article? Might be helpful

I am facing similar problem, When I try to install Simulator it always generate some error.

Is there any specific requirement for build.sh.

Hi, I haven’t tried or needed to use the simulator in the typical dcm4chee flow. If you are using dcm4chee, to both receive orders placed in Bahmni and receive images from modality, you don’t really need to use this simulator. The flow for sending the orders can directly be tested by placing orders in Bahmni and seeing worklist items in dcm4chee. The flow of uploading the image can be tested by the dcmsnd utility provided by dcm4chee. dcmsnd utility is described here.

I have updated the Bahmni wiki at appropriate places. The simulator was used in one of the first implementations of Bahmni. I will check with my colleagues internally who have used it to see if it still makes sense and then update the wiki if there are gaps or else mark this deprecated in wiki to avoid confusion.

hi, Thanks for the guide, As I am OpenERP developer I have no more Idea about the configuration So, I tried to do all the configuration as I get to know from the wiki. so I request to share some minimal steps or configurations that i required to do. From my side I have setup of dcm4chee with oviyam2 and Bahmni (All the stuff is configured in Bahmni Virtualbox). I just want to know that how to fetch bahmni records into the dcm4chee as I tried with all configuration but I am not getting any such solution to get data in dcm4chee as radiology order is created

Did you get to read this blog. It might help clear concepts around PACS and DCM4CHEE:

Yes, I already checked that blog

Hi Jeenit, Can you describe what are the exact steps you did and what is the exact problem you are facing? Lets try to complete the order flow first and then next, you can go for the modality side setting for getting images.

Have you setup pacs-integration as mentioned in the wiki here and mapped procedure codes as mentioned here?

If yes, can you go through the following checklist of sorts and paste the relevant outputs here

  • are dcm4chee and pacs-integration services running?
  • are there any failed events in the bahmni_pacs database? select * from failed_events; (bahmni_pacs database)
  • are the markers in pacs-integration correct? select * from markers; (bahmni_pacs database)
  • is pacs_integration pointing to dcm4chee? select * from modality; (bahmni_pacs database)
  • is pacs_integration setup to pick up radiology orders select * from order_type; (bahmni_pacs database)
  • is order_type mapped correctly in openmrs? select * from order_type; (openmrs database) select * from order_type_class_map; (openmrs database)
  • have you set xslt in dcm4chee to correctly understand bahmni orders as mentioned in step 3 here

hi, I checked as per the instruction…

The results are: *dcm4chee and pacs-integration services are running. *There is no any records in database. (bahmni_pacs database) (failed_events, markers, modality, and order_type) *And there is no openmrs database not found. (But OpenMRS is working), and the db named clinlims is there but having no any table in it. *As you mention last point “have you set xslt in dcm4chee to correctly understand bahmni orders as mentioned in step 3 here”, no any such step 3 is available on page.

This link should help you figure out how to connect to various databases. https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Connecting+to+various+databases

Here we have this data in openmrs databse for order_type and order_type_class_map:

and as I said previously no data in bahmni_pacs database tables.

For xslt in dcm4chee… configure with jmx console is done.

Default DCM4CHEE HL7 server listens for HL7 Messages on 2575 port. If you want to follow the way it bahmni works out of the box, you need not change anything for this.

Is any configuration need for this.

The data in openmrs looks fine. If there is no data in bahmni_pacs, then it seems you haven’t setup the pacs-integration service as mentioned in the below wiki page https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Setup+PACS+Integration+module

Can you please do that.

Ohk, So i added this data in bahmni_pacs, and as per instruction

Is it okay…

Yes. This looks fine. If you have mapped your radiology concept with PACS procedure codes, then you are good to try it out.

Try placing a radiology order in Bahmni. If no failed events appear in bahmni_pacs, then you should be able to see it in dcm4chee modality worklist. (Remember to press Search button to see the results). If pacs-integration is working fine, the markers should also move forward.

I configured it like this and created new patient generated order for radiology from order tab.

But still not getting any record in dcm4chee No entry is updated in database and no failed_events are generated.

The wiki link says this Add a new concept source with name and hl7 code as 'PACS Procedure Code'

I see you have just named it as ‘Pacs’. That won’t work.

Hi arjun, I needs HL7 code for communication between bahmni and dcm4chee. How will I get?

Hi @jeenit1990, What HL7 code are you looking for? You just needed to add a concept source as mentioned on that wiki page, and then create reference term and map them to your radiology concepts.