Nominate one more attendee to the Mentor summit 2016!

@r0bby i completely agree with the fact that it does not preclude you from ever going again. It is just that when there are those who have never attended the summit before, it may sometimes put you on the waiting list. Although this does not take away the fact that you have done an amazing work for the OpenMRS community.

I guess what Daniel is saying is that the highest priority goes to those that have never attended it but anyone can still attend if there are enough slots to accommodate them.


@r0bby I don’t think getting nominated to go to the mentor summit is about the mentor who worked the hardest, because everyone in this community works really hard! But more about giving everyone an opportunity to go at least once if they can. I watched you work SO hard this year with students, not just your own. I think you did a fantastic job - reaching out and providing input and guidance to other people’s students when appropriate. You did a great job!

I remember being at the summit with you a few years ago - good memories (sessions, new friendships, and rollercoasters!). Glad we got to experience that together! :smile:

I suppose. I’m on the waitlist but i’m not sure how far down I am…


I wouldn’t call that a mentor summit per se – that was WAY different. That was the GSoC 10 year reunion – where students and mentors were invited. I mean it was similar but also allowed students to join in :slight_smile:

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@surangak when will the decision be made?

Who ever will go will also need some time to arrange travels (flight, visa, …) :slight_smile:

Deadlines: September 20th: Last day to register for GSoC mentor summit & Last day to book hotel at the Aloft Santa Clara (Sheraton Sunnyvale is now sold out)


@r0bby do not worry, your next time is coming soon. By the way, despite having been a mentor for a great number of years, i have never been to the mentor summit. Not that i do not want, but simply because, after looking at all factors, others need to be given a chance before me. Of course this does not mean that am above you on the waiting list, for i would vote you before myself. :smile:


My vote goes to @teleivo.

It looks like there is a general agreement on @teleivo, and that we want him to have the mentor summit experience. This of course doesn’t mean that anyone else is any less important.

Since this has come up, let me try to clarify what the community mgt. team has traditionally done to ensure that all well deserving participants get opportunities to attend various events. Let me share some examples of historical cases:

  • Some mentors who participate in both GCI and GSOC have been sponsored to attend the GCI summit (as opposed to the GSOC summit)
  • Other mentors have been sponsored to attend special google events such as the Google Doc Camp
  • Yet others have been funded to attend other open source events (OSCON, ICTD etc.) based on their specific interests.
  • Others have been recommended/nominated for other open source based scholarships at other tech events
  • Mentoring/community service is of course a factor in awarding travel scholarships to the OpenMRS implementers conference.

So while we can’t always ensure that EVERYONE gets to go to the mentor summit, we do our best to cover our bases, and be fair to everyone. Of course, Michael Downey had all this well planned, and made sure that it happened in a very fair way, and we’re doing our best to keep it that way!


Thank you @surangak for all your effort in managing this process! Congrats @teleivo!

Dear all!

I am very honored and sooo happy, reminds me of the christmas time happiness :christmas_tree: :blush:

Thank you soo much!!!

Am looking forward to this exciting weekend and meeting you @maimoonak and @surangak and lots of other like minded people

PS: is there a way we could order stickers in bulk/together to spread them on the GSOC sticker table? I still have a few left I can bring.

I ordered them at

thanks to @michael :slight_smile:
(old thread about it OpenMRS stickers to show support? )


@surangak do you have an answer to my sticker mania request? :wink:

Historically (or rather, at least the one time I went to the summit) someone brought a whole bunch of stickers and shared them with the team.

@surangak, do you know if we have a way to acquire stickers at a bulk rate? Or alternately, who else would know this?

Didn’t @teleivo buy a bunch of stickers?

(@teleivo did buy a bunch of stickers before; he’s the one who initiated this conversation, since he only has a “few left”.)

any update on this? @surangak are you organizing stickers for the sticker table?

(@teleivo, if you don’t hear back I suggest you propose some quantity of stickers to buy, and say how much this would cost. I imagine we can find some way to get OpenMRS to foot the bill…)

Hi folks,

Sorry, I apologize - I missed this. Suranga is spread very thin these days.

YES, we need stickers. I have a bunch, but i’ll probably need these for another event that i’m attending. @teleivo if you already purchased some, tell us how much you got? if not, i’ll go ahead and book in bulk?

Ive got 9 of the black “write code save lives” ones left :slight_smile:

Ok, in that case we definitely need more. Will try to figure this out and report back :slight_smile:

Also, we need Chocolate. @maimoonak, you and @teleivo need to bring chocolate from your countries. @r0bby is an old hand at this :wink:

I’m bringing Dylan’s bacon flavored chocolate plus whatever else I can find…