OpenMRS stickers to show support?

Dear community!

I would love to show my support visually as well :wink:

Does anyone know where to get stickers with the OpenMRS logo ?

I am sure others would be interested as well!

I found this site

Seems to be from OpenMRS itself. @michael is this one official?

Just want to know if my money would also go to the community.


That’s official. @michael uses sticker mule as the sticker vendor

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Thanks @r0bby I will do my Sunday shopping then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know this because I have that sticker on my laptop.

A few US cents from each sticker goes back to OpenMRS Inc., but not much. (The stickers are somewhat expensive to produce “on demand”.) :slight_smile:

Of course, you can also try to find OpenMRS people at events and often get stickers there! (Worldwide Summit, implementers meetings, OSCON, FOSSASIA, FOSDEM, etc.)


at least a few cents will then go to OpenMRS Inc., I ordered a bunch :slight_smile:


I started by ordering just one but if all goes well I might have to order some more!

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I would recommend ordering in bulk and sharing them at events :slight_smile:


@teleivo & @kosmik, feel free to leave a review of the stickers and let us know how they worked for you. Generally, we’re really happy with Sticker Mule. And as Richard Stallman likes to say, remember to put the stickers on something permanent where they’ll last a long time rather than a t-shirt that will only last a day! :wink:

And :thumbsup: to the idea from @r0bby – “sharing is caring”. :hug:

Soon as I have funds – I plan to buy some OpenMRS Stickers and spread the OpenMRS gospel.

We’ll also have more stickers coming up at OSCON in Austin, Texas, USA in May. :openmrs:

(Individual contributors to projects like ours get a 50% discount, and students get a 65% discount!)

Edit: Use code OSIID50

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I got my stickers in a week or so. They look good and I guess the quality is good (it’s been 25 years or something since I used stickers with pictures on them). My only complaint would be the price but then again I probably should blame myself for insisting on making a transatlantic order for two stickers!

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If you can find a good sticker vendor in the EU somewhere, please let us know … would be happy to try to set up a similar arrangement there too! :slight_smile:

if you buy in bulk they’re likely cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: