No activity of android client openMRS

Hello all, I am new to openMRS community and being an android developer and GSOC 2016 aspirant I am looking forward to contribute for android client for openMRS, I found source code on github( but there is no activity from the side of openMRS community either on github or jira. Please let me know if this project is still active and can I still contribute to this project.I tried to ask at irc several times but I don’t get any response so any help in this direction would be great. Also suggest me any android based project where I can contribute.

Thanks in advance!

So that’s not entirely true – We had a few tasks over the course of Google Code-In. One of the students made an ionic app, which I think should replace both the IOS/Android app, since it unifies the codebases.

Thanks @r0bby. So what do you suggest on point that should I contribute to Android project or its of no use as you are saying ionic app will replace the native apps. Also as much I have worked upon and studied native apps are much more faster as well as rich in features compared to the ionic based app so we should keep that in mind also.

Nothing was officially decided…It’s just my opinion. I’m not the person who can help you out right now. The best bet would be to get in touch with a member of the Guides Team and they can point you in the right direction. I just think a unified codebase for the mobile clients would be a good thing.

In the big picture, the Android Client is still valuable (even though nobody is actively working on it now).

Particularly, here is a list of open issues that people have reported:

@r0bby ok I will contact guides team.Thanks for ur help.

@darius I am interested in working & it would be good if someone help people like me here.I have already seen issues list and I have found some issues myself, if someone is helping (mentoring us) then I can start solving them.

@r0bby I mail them 3 days back but still there is no response from there side :disappointed: I am waiting to get started on that project.

Keep in mind that this community is largely volunteer. So be patient.

sure :smile:

@vjs3, all issues for the Android Client project are assessed now and can be worked on. Please let me know about any specific issues you might have when working on the project.


sure I will start working upon it.Any document which I should now before diving into code which is important to understand the application then please give me the linke.

@raff I am successfully able to login to android app but as there is nothing to show I there (it is showing there is no patients in the database).I am able to view defaults patients using the desktop, note that I am using as server url. Please help me out so that I can move ahead with it.

Open “Find Patients” then the magnifier icon in the top-right, put any patient name and hit enter, tick “Download” on any patient on the list. You will be able to view that patient and enter data from now on.

@raff I follwed the above steps told by you but they are not working, whenever I am trying to do this it shows a dialogue Server Error.

I’m sorry I can’t help. It works for me. Please report an issue in JIRA and provide as much details about the error as you can. It would be great, if you could debug and fix it :slight_smile:

I have made a new issue regarding it.If you find anything about it then please help me out with it.I am also trying to fix it.

@raff can you suggest someone who can help me out with this issue?

Please start from running the app with a debugger to write down any stacktraces or find a line in code where the app fails. Then share that in the issue description. Only seeing that we can help.

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@raff I have done some debugging and added whatever I understood from it on jira here:

I am not very expert in debugging but I hope I have provided some relevant info about the issue.I hope we can resolve it now together :slightly_smiling:

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