Duplicate emails from talk

Hi all,

For the last few days I’ve noticed that I am getting double emailed by talk for every category that I am watching. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? Do you get this message twice? :slight_smile:

@michael are you aware of this, or did something get changed in our talk platform recently that causes this and we need to update the way we watch to prevent this?

Thanks, Mike

Sorry for this inconvenience. Please forward an example of such emails in to helpdesk■■■■■■■■■■■■ so the team can investigate. Thanks!

I have been double-emailed for lots of talk messages today (but not all, e.g. not this one).

I have the setting for email me on every message turned on (in addition to whatever categories I am watching), if that helps debug.

FYI, we are not noticing any net increase in overall emails generated from OpenMRS Talk, but continue to investigate:

Same here. I also, of late, get two emails for each post.

I have looked more closely, and I’m 98% sure the problem relates to the “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)” setting.

If it’s a category or thread that I’m watching, or if I’ve been @mentioned, then I get two emails. If I wouldn’t otherwise be notified about the message, but I’m only getting it because of the every new post setting, then I get just one email.

For example I was only getting one email (no duplicate) for messages in a thread until someone @mentioned me, then I get duplicate emails for that message: No activity of android client openMRS

I got just one email (no duplicate) for messages in this thread (which is in a category I don’t watch): GSOC 2016 participation

I got duplicate emails for this thread (in a category I DO watch): Unable to Fetch Locations Error -- on installing Bahmni

@michael, can we report this as an upstream bug in discourse?

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Yep, we’re already working with the team to get to the root cause. :slight_smile:

Still doing a bit of diagnosis to see where things are breaking down.

With big thanks to @zogstrip I think this should be resolved:

The new code is running, so please reply here if you see any more double notifications. Sorry for the inconvenience!