New OpenMRS website is almost ready!

Hello @cintiadr, @jennifer, @grace, @burke, @janflowers and the community

As we’re working hard to make the website alive, every week we’re closer and closer to the distribution. This is the high time to discuss WHEN we will move the staging to production. WHAT exactly need to be done to roll it out and WHO will do that.

When: My goal for the next 2 weeks is to do the 4 missing categories and top bar, so we will have the core of the website.

What: Some time ago we said that with these main categories we can go public (which I truly want) but this begs the question, what we do with the missing pages (and subpages) - do we add old ones and later when we’ll create a new one we swap it?

Who: Probably Cynthia’s help will be necessary here, but maybe @jslawinski could help?

Moving the website should be easy (hope so because I thought that migration would go smoothly and quickly :lying_face:) but looking at troubles which I had at staging I wonder if there is a chance just to change the priority of the and

I hope together we’ll find the solution for our smaller and bigger problems, and during the Conference we show our work - the fresh and new one website.

Summarizing - All hands on the board. I need to work on a few more pages, but the goal is realistic, and I think that we can do that. @cintiadr I saw on that there are 2 posts that we haven’t on staging I hope that there is an easy way to update that (or we need to import everything one more time?) @jennifer I truly want to achieve that, so please we need to **fasten the buttocks as a team. @grace if you have time to help, you are welcomed. @jslawinski is ready to help us.

(If somebody want to hear the freshest news, come to our website redesign meeting, today (every Wednesday)

cc @burhan99


Okey doki, I’m glad to tell you that I’ve ended work on the current version of the website - that means that pages are ready, full of content but of course they need some improvement in points which we discuss with Jennifer on our weekly meetings. Please go to and give me some feedback, your thoughts and what you like/don’t like about it.

Also, I repeat my question about date of publication.

Today is next meeting so everybody who wants to join us is welcome

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Looks really nice in my opinion.

The layout is clean and tidy, so the information is easily accessible.

@zuzanna Great job!

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it looks legit :+1:

Thanks @zuzanna and the team

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Looks good way much better. The view from a Smartphone is also on point :+1:.

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Yeah. It’s a responsive page so it should looks nice on mobile phones, tablets and other different devices


Thanks Team

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its looks clean and great mobile layout too great work!

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Thanks @zuzanna
Its indeed beta continue with the work…

@zuzanna I ended up forgetting about this.

I don’t really recall how data was copied from main to beta. Was it using the export/import? On that case, you should be able to do it yourself. Or the posts can be created manually in beta as well!

I can schedule to migrate beta data into main any weekend from today.

@cintiadr thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, we used export/import, but we did it before these two posts have been published, so they weren’t on the beta site, so we could copy them.

And yes, I can add them manually, and probably it will be the easiest way to do that.

Love, love, love to hear that. We’ve scheduled a meeting on 5th August (Thursday) with the Head so if the meeting went good we will be able to migrate data on Saturday/Sunday - 7/8th August.

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Awesome! Leave the data as you’d like, and I will load all beta data into main over the weekend :slight_smile:

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Maybe you know how work the Newsletter which is on the main website? How is it build - what’s the behind?

I was starting to migrate it now, but it’s still missing the past two blogposts. If I migrate, we’ll lose access to that data, I don’t think that’s what we want.

I’m also not capable of login in to

Did we import all the users correctly to

I think they are in mailchimp? I have access to it, I should be able to grant you access.

I’ll add these two missing posts to the beta.

Passwords should be the same, just in case I’ve sent you a link to reset your password.

I think so, however I don’t know how many users was.

I’ll be glad. I’ve installed a MailChimp on the beta already

I notice does not exist. Are there plans to implement this page? Here are some of the main website pages for which we have short links. I don’t know how often each are used (if at all); however, I would think download & license would be important to maintain:

You might want to keep the existing site (e.g., at for a short time or at least make sure we can get to its content easily to recover content from pages like these after the migration.

No, I used the It wasn’t our goal at that time to create also that page. We rather focus on category-pages and content that will be a guide for all the visitors.

In the future, we use these short links for sure. Thanks for highlighting this

Well Done Team The site looks great

I recently Used The zoom Plugin on a website and thought it would be of good use to us here too. It enables people to join meetings from the website directly. All Meetings that will happen through the week can be indicated on a page and users simply click join and are into the meeting.

Could it be Applicable in the new Site or our current Talk method is enough @zuzanna @jennifer


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