New Growth Chart Module for Reference Application Released !

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After several Discussion and PM calls around Having the growth chart Feature into reff app eg

See Ref App2.10 roadmap
The first idea was to have this in core apps, however we finally came to a conclusion to have this feature into a complete new module as core apps was becoming too bulky.
Note that we have an old Growth Chart module ,but only for the platform and very limited in features.
We still agreed to keep this new Growth chart module with the same artifact id . Since the old growth chart module for platform had versions 1.0-1.7 ,
i have released the new module as version 2.0.0.

cc @c.antwi @herbert24 @dkayiwa @k.joseph @ball


This is excellent. Nice work.

@mozzy Does it need testing? Is it on the server?


yes sure @ball it needs more testing , However its not yet on the demo server. For now , my self , @k.joseph have done the testing locally. I also did a demo with @c.antwi.

Here is the omod file in openmrs addons , . You can help deploy it on the demo server .

thanks @mozzy for the good work and setting it up on this RA release, i guess let me wait for the demo server deployment :blush:

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We need to deploy this module on the demo server for further testing. cc @dkayiwa @cintiadr ,

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@mozzy @ball will pick up on testing different scenarios when after deploying

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Thanks @mozzy for that good work of releasing New Growth Chart Module

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See wiki page here

However ,from the discussions , since the Growth chart is too of an implementation Specific feature , it shouldn’t come out of the box with the reff app. So we shall not Bundle it into the Reff App distribution.

@mozzy and what is stopping you from doing that?

Demo is the reference application. It should have the latest released version of reference application (and nothing more).

We have multiple environments.