New Design: Email Address Selector

As part of the the back-end changes in ID Dashboard v2.0, we needed to modify the email address selector on the “Edit Profile” page to interface with the new backend. I took this opportunity to go ahead and re-design the element, hopefully in a way that makes it easier to control the email addresses associated with your OpenMRS ID.

Let me know what you think! To demonstrate how it will work, here’s a walkthrough of how to add a new email address, and how to make that new address the primary one. (side note: this might be a good help doc for

Swapping Email Addresses (Dashboard v2.0)

To start, head to /profile, noticing the email address selector.

Profile view

  1. Enter a new email address, and press “Add”

    Addinga new email address

  2. The new address will appear, and an email message will be sent to verify the address’s ownership. The address will appear in the selector, but with a “Needs Verification” badge.

    Address added, needing verification

  3. The email sent contains a private link that will verify the email address. Go to the URL provided in the link.

    Verification email

  4. A banner is displayed remarking that the address has been verified, and it is shown in the email address selector. At this point, the email address can be considered a “secondary” email address—it can be used for mailing list subscriptions and password resets, but not much else.

    Edit profile view, after address is verified

  5. Press “Make Primary” to set the new address as Primary.

    "Make Primary" button

  6. That’s it—your new address is now your primary email address. The old email address can be kept as a secondary email, or deleted from your profile.

    Primary Email address changed