Need your inputs for Bahmni 2023 roadmap

Hello All,

We need your input for Bahmni 2023 roadmap priorities, and suggestions for features/initiatives. If you are an implementer, adopter or someone looking to evaluate/adopt Bahmni, please provide us your suggestions on areas you feel Bahmni should prioritise.

To help provide some context, and initial thoughts, we have drafted this Google document, with some of our priorities for the first quarter of 2023, which builds on the momentum and certain decisions we took in 2022. See the document here (3 pages): Bahmni 2023 Priorities & Initiatives - DRAFT

Please review this document and provide us with your feedback. You can participate in one or more ways:

  1. PAT call: Join the upcoming PAT call on Wed evening 6pm IST (11-Jan-2023). We will be going over this document, and looking for inputs from attendees. Everyone is welcome! Join-in details.
  2. Google Doc Comments: You can provide your comments directly in the Google document. Link
  3. Talk Forum: Post your input on this thread or start a new talk thread here.
  4. Google Form: If you’d rather send us a personal message, you can fill out this short Google form and write to us directly.

All inputs are welcome! Thanks in advance! As we begin the new year, we want to hear from you!

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REMINDER: Today evening 6:30pm IST, we are going to discuss Bahmni 2023 goals/priorities, and look forward to community feedback in this meeting. Please attend, esp if you are already a Bahmni adopter. thanks!

PAT Call dial-in details: Bahmni PAT call on 11-Jan-2023 - #2 by gsluthra

@akanter would you like to join the Bahmni PAT call today?

Sorry, didn’t get this notification until too late… can we get something on the schedule in advance so that I can try to make it? Thanks!

Sure. @gsluthra Can we join the next PAT call? Will you please provide the call detail?

Yes, the roadmap discussions will continue in the next PAT Call too. If you can join that, it will be great.

We didn’t discuss OCL in yesterday’s meeting, so next week PAT is good.

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Round 1 discussion video is available here

Demo for bahmni-mart docker is available on youtube channel

Round 2 discussion video is available here

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In continuation of the Bahmni roadmap discussion, we think it will be a good idea to share the full wishlist of ideas/features that we still think Bahmni / OpenMRS should consider… as part of the roadmap. This MURAL image (attached), shows a listing of things we feel Bahmni should have, and given more resources/people/funding, the priorities of an HIMS built for Govts/NGOs/Public Health should consider.

Let us know which of these ideas/features resonate the most with you. Why?

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Round 3 discussion recording on YouTube