Bahmni PAT call on 11-Jan-2023

Hello Everyone,

[Reminder] We have PAT call happening at 6:30 pm IST, 1 pm UTC, Wednesday 11 Jan, 2023. See your timezone here: Your timezone

Zoom meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Please provide any topic you would like to discuss in this thread.

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Discuss Bahmni 2023 priorities and initiatives. For more details see this talk thread: Need your inputs for Bahmni 2023 roadmap

Please find notes here

recording on roadmap discussion round 1 is available here

FYI, the Bahmni Lite environments are not responding (Dev/QA/Demo).

As mentioned on the wiki, they only work from 8am - 9pm India time, to save on infra costs. Is that something you can work with, or do you want us to temporarily enable them for 24 hours for a week, to try out?

Didn’t see that on the wiki… but of course, can work with it!

I managed to check it out! Looks great with the search pulling from CIEL (I found much more searching Lite than I found with the straight Bahmni demo). Is there a way to access the concept dictionary? I presume the public login doesn’t allow rights to the broader Admin functions. When was the last time you updated the dictionary and do you have the latest COVID start-up collection included (or the full dictionary)?

You can access openmrs Admin on LITE environments. Just hit URL: https:///openmrs (use the same creds as superman). The dictionary should not be more than 2 months old. Need to validate.

The normal demo environment (older one), doesn’t have CIEL dictionary. Its running v0.93 (and not the latest version of Bahmni or OpenMRS).

The LITE Environments are down currently, as its past 9pm india time.

That’s great, thanks! I see that there are perhaps 400 or so concepts that are missing, so perhaps it has been since September. Would love to talk about how to keep things up to date. I think the next PAT call is tomorrow at 7:00AM Chicago time, correct? Same Zoom?

Yes. 7:00AM chicago time. Same zoom link for all PAT calls.

Thanks for verifying Andrew. We are currently using So, need to download/package the new OCL zip whenever it is released.