My OpenMRS Fellowship Journey: Daud

Eagerly waiting @kdaud otherwise thank you for the work the quick response to probs … it’s indeed great to work with u


Thanks for everything! it has really been a blessing working with you and QA squad as a whole I have really learnt a lot.

                           LAST PHASE OF DECEMBER 2021

The the last two weeks of December 2021 were very quiet weeks due to holidays and several teams/squads chose not to meet again until the new year. And several of QA team members took leave or travels during the period however, sometimes I found myself behind my computer and was able to accomplish some tasks;

  1. Fixed the Platform UI tests that were failing since 12th of December and now they are up and running

  2. Fixed the flaws in all the workflow configuration for the 3.x RefApp tests though there is challenge of with the demo server on which these tests are spinning from that is causing all the 3.x tests to fail build plan. cc: @grace @dkayiwa @ibacher @jennifer

  3. @irenyak1 shared via qa-slack-channel a documentation concerning making code reviews on PRs which improved my skills in reviewing pull requests in GitHub efficiently and effectively.

  1. Monitor build plans for QA Framework and noticed builds are registering success(green) and all the automated 2.x RefApp tests are passing ci.

  2. I used the rest of my time to learn new tools in regard to testing and also learning new stuffs in software development.

As January 2022 arrives, translation of selenium tests into → BDD tests will kick off with availing tickets on the QA DashBaord to be worked on by the team.

                                 BYE BYE 2021

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                      THE MONTH OF JANUARY 

      Converting Selenium Legacy Tests into BDD Tests

The month of January has been around converting legacy tests into BDD tests so as to have all the automated tests well documented through feature files for easy maintainability of the qaframework module. This entails combining similar specific tests for a RefApp feature to form a concrete workflow that is well documented through writing feature file and its equivalent selenium methods.

Thanks @mherman22 @irenyak1 @jonathan @ndacyayisenga and other colleagues in the team who are working on the tickets on the QA Kanban board to have this work done. Thanks to @sharif for the reviews on the PRs which is making work move forward as we aim at finishing up the remaining selenium legacy tests.

During the month of December 2021, we experienced un-stability on the spa server on which our automataed tests for 3.x RefApp are depending on and this led all of them breaking during ci. Thanks to @ibacher and the MF team who made the server up and this gave our 3.x contributors to resurrect the tests. Thanks to @piumal1999 @kumuditha and the team who have worked on fixing these tests as some of them were breaking as a result of UI changes being done on the system in order to improve the user experience.

The month of Feb will be working on the remaining selenium tests so that they are all translated into BDD tests.


Well done @kdaud :clap: Courage!!! :clap:

Final Reflections as a QA Fellow

Am so thankful to Fellowship Administration giving me the opportunity to be part of the second cohort in the fellowship program with a community that deals with saving lives around the globe. The program shaped my technical and non technical skills which am already sharing with other community members through mentor-ship.

A word of thanks to:

  • my mentors @dkayiwa and @ibacher for their wonderful Technical guidance.

  • @jennifer @janflowers @christine and @grace for their wonderful Project management work .

  • my colleague @sharif . It’s a nice experience to work together with you on the project.

  • the entire OpenMRS community for your support through out my fellowship journey.

I’ve created the Slide Deck, Site and Video Presentation below summarizing all my work done during My Fellowship Journey .



Congratulations for this far! It has been nice working with you and we are still working together. It’s with no doubt @dkayiwa and @ibacher have produced a world class QA engineers in less than a year. You 2 fellows run the project as bosses!!!

Kudos @kdaud , Well done :clap:

great stuff, continue mentoring as you’ve been doing!

Congs @kdaud for the great work… reviewing code en more…may u continue to shine

:openmrs: New Fellowship Journey: OpenMRS Development Fellow :openmrs:

Am very excited and happy to be part of the OpenMRS fellowship program 2022 as a fellow in the area of development focusing on Backend Development and Tooling.

Am glad to be working directly under the mentor-ship of @dkayiwa and I’m excited to learning new skills and building my engineering career with his guidance.

Am so thankful to the Fellowship Administration and Board Management giving me another opportunity to be part in the 3rd cohort of OpenMRS fellowship program. @jennifer @dkayiwa @ibacher @janflowers @grace @paul

In the last two weeks of the month(April), I focused on:

  • Setting up the fellowship plan and defining the fellowship goals.

  • Setting up time with the mentor for the mentor-ship calls.

  • Understanding backend technologies(frameworks) used by OpenMRS

  • Getting familiar with openmrs-core code base

In the next coming two weeks, I will be focusing on;

  • Getting more familiar with backend technologies/frameworks(Spring +Hibernate)

  • Working on backend related tasks as I get my feet into backend development.

  • Reviewing PRs

  • Having mentor-ship calls with my mentor.


Congratulations @kdaud. Best of Luck in 3rd cohort.

@kdaud congratulations and success in your new phase!

Congratulations @kdaud

congratulations and best of luck

Congratulations @kdaud

all the best

Congratulations @kdaud

For the past weeks of May,

I have been working on back-end related tasks as I get my feet into back-end development. Have also done code reviews on different projects to enhance my understanding of back-end code base through testing the suggested solution on a real openmrs instance.

I have also supported the QA Team through technical guidance to the contributors and ensuring Bamboo is green for the OpenMRS QA Framework.

In the next weeks,

Besides working on back-end related tasks, I will be also focusing on FHIR project so as to support the ICAP-Ethiopia team in migrating their data from their SmartCare software into OpenMRS OHRI

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The month of June makes a second month as an OpenMRS backend fellow. As the original plan for June was to write FHIR resources to support Ethiopia migration of data from Smartcare ET → OpenMRS DB however, during the course of the month it turned out that the plan had to be changed for the reasons @grace highlighted at Ethiohri: Data migration plan/status?

This taught me the lesson of flexibility as software requirements/plans/priorities can change during the development process.

Another activity was taking a survey at Mapping episode of care to patient program and currently coming up with UML diagrams that show the “data model”.

The current tasks am working on are;

  • Create a concept endpoint to support requesting multiple concepts in our web-services.
  • Finishing up with the architectural design for Mapping episode of care to patient program then have this implemented.

cc: @dkayiwa @jennifer @nikeshbalami