Ethiohri: Data migration plan/status?

Hi @ICAPEthiopia & @OHRI, how are things going w.r.t. the Smartcare ET → OpenMRS DB data migration planning? @burke and I were trying to remember if you needed any additional resources or support from us on this topic at this moment.

@burke & @dkayiwa are there any data migration resources we should share here? (For a non-OMRS system to OMRS) @jennifer are you able to share the migration resources you collected when we were supporting the Rwanda platform upgrade?

(ICYMI: We are no longer planning to use the FHIR API for initial data migration, which was our original idea as mentioned here.)

CC @dagimm @eudson @mwaririm


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Hi @grace we decided that data migration should be out of scope for the July MVP. But it is something that must be done in the near future.

Here’s the link to the RwandaEMR Upgrade Toolkit. It includes a section listing out various resources: tools, guides, etc that other OpenMRS implementations have used.

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@grace, perhaps we could arrange a hands-on meeting with devs from @ICAPEthiopia & @OHRI along with @dkayiwa (and/or @ibacher if avail) to work through the data mapping for migration? @paul mentioned that he would be eager to help and to attend such a meeting.

I’m imagining we could help match existing data to the OpenMRS data model similar to what we started in the “OpenMRS Model” worksheet of the gap analysis spreadsheet or, if the Ethiopia team has already begun that mapping process (which ideally would map each object & its properties to OpenMRS equivalents).

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@dagimm what do you think? Do you want to get started on this work now? i.e. Are you interested in a hands-on meeting like Burke describes, and if so, should we set up a hands-on meeting now or later, like in Aug?

IIRC I think there was a team member you were considering allocating to this work in general … or I might be getting mixed up w/ reporting.

CCing @eudson as an FYI.

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@grace we can start working on this starting next week. I will be working on it.


Sounds great @dagimm. Turns out there’s a lot of people who are offering to help by sharing their own similar experiences as well (w/ non-OMRS to OMRS system migration). But the first session can be a focused hands-on technical one with just a few people.

Do any of these 3 times on Thursday work for you? (And also @dkayiwa and @eudson if you could please fill this out too. @ibacher if you could possibly join that would be cool too.)

3 time options that work for Burke here: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Later, we could have a second session, and invite additional engineers who have gone through similar experiences before. Some examples brought to my attention today are:

  • Haiti: ITECH’s iSanteEMR change to an OpenMRS-based EMR, and that was even a free text system
  • Kenya: Palladium’s massive migration of tons of data from IQ-CARE (non-OMRS) to KenyaEMR (OMRS) and they even published about it - they are a good resource being a recent experience at national level scale
  • Botswana: Intellisoft is actively migrating data in Botswana from a proprietary system called PIMS to OpenMRS-database BotswanaEMR

How does this general plan sound?

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@grace This sounds great! The proposed times for the discussion works for me. Excited to kick start this activity.