Moving LegacyUI out of core: Hacking and Brainstorming Session

Continuing discussion from Update on moving legacy UI to a module:


The LegacyUI module is among the milestones for Platform 2.0 which is scheduled to be released in November. This week we are prioritizing the tasks related to the LeagacyUI module for Platform 2.0. @tharunya has already provided the initial foundation during GSoC and @wyclif had been spiking through the module to estimate the work required on it post GSoC. Here are the updates from wyclif

The plan is to have all of our lead developers to get together in irc/ hangouts and consolidate a plan on how to move forward with this major task. As discussed in PM meeting on 19 October with @burke , it would be more efficient than @wyclif spending a couple of days to do this himself. Also, we could divide the tasks among ourselves to get all hands on deck for completing this task.

I propose a Google Hangout today after the scrum meeting i.e 20 October 2015 i.e 14:45 UTC-15:45 UTC.

I would like to invite @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @raff, @tharunya, @k_joseph, @jdegraft and any developer that would be interested in helping out with the LegacyUI module and Platform 2.0.

This would really be a great way for developers looking to contribute to OpenMRS to help the community

Please let me know if the proposed time works for you.

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p.s The Google Hangout has been postponed to 18:30 UTC on 20 October 2015.

Sorry to be late, but yes this time works good for me! :slight_smile: Thanks @maany! :smiley:

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Here are the notes from the session

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