More Metadata Management in AdminUI - GSoC 2017

Hi All,

I would like to know the required skills for this and little more description on what need to be done in the project?

Thanks @erandi for expressing interest in this project. :slight_smile: I have just added the required skills and a bit more description. Am still adding more. Feel free to continue asking anything that may not be clear.

Thanks @dkayiwa :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa about

Some initial work was done to move metadata management to the admin ui module for the reference application.

Is there some documentation somewhere one could see the previous efforts towards this?

@ivange94 i have updated the project page with more information. Keep the questions coming. :slight_smile:


@dkayiwa any Feedback on my propostal? It’s been 5 days. Wow now I’m sounding like the GCI 16 kids lol :slight_smile:

Are you the one called Evodia? :slight_smile:

Must have made a typo while feeling the form. I was feeling another form at the same time. Evodia is my mother’s first name. That was for another form. :joy::joy::joy:

I will write gsoc support so they charge it. I can’t.

I already looked at it and even put a comment. I thought you would automatically see my comment. But anyway, here it is:

“In the mockup data tables (name, description, action), can you put some two rows of data per table. And also fill the action column.”

Thanks on it now. FYI, i didn’t receive any email notifications about comments and didn’t see any comments on the docs either. Is that all the comment you made about the proposal?

I thought the comment i put in the gsoc web interface would be visible to you. It could be that i just do not know how to use it. Yes that is all i need and when you are done, the proposal will be good to go.

Ok thanks. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa I’m adding the the colums now. I’m using to get the information but its returning 404 and I’ll be going offfline soon and may not be able to make it back before the deadline so I’ve submitted the current proposal. Once I’m done with the mockups I’ll re-upload the final pdf.

Did you see this? Outage on demo server - Sat 2nd April Why not use