Module Tab on Patient Dashboard

Hey there!

I’m a OpenMRS newbie and I’ve recently developed my own module, which consists of a form and a list of those filled out forms.

It’s working fine and I can upload the module with no problems. The only problem I couldn’t solve on my own so far is intigrating this into the Patient Dashboard. What I need is to display the list of filled out forms as a tab in the patient dashboard and filter them according to the currently shown patient.

I can’t really find any guides on how to that. Only how to register forms.

Using other modules as a guide, I managed create the tab on the Patient Dashboard. However, it only the shows the header of my list, but no data. To show the list data, I pretty much used the same code I used on the original list on the module page. But I assume, displaying/acquiring data works different on the dashboard? I’m guessing the problem lies in the tab controller.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated! I’ve really put much effort into looking for guides or similar questions as well as checking out other code, but I just can’t find anything.

I’m currently working with version 1.11.6 Build 0d2192 and tomcat 7.

Thank you very much in advance!

Cheers, Franzi

Did you eventually solve this?

Unfortunately not yet. :frowning:

Are you talking of this dashboard? If yes, did you get a chance to look at this?

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Sorry, somehow I overlooked your reply! Thanks for the links, I’ve looked into those before, but from what I understand the Register Module is meant to create a Patient Dashboard tab for HTML form?

What I’m doing is, I created my own module and when this module is uploaded to an OpenMRS platform it creates a tab on the Patient Dashboard. I did this by creating a jsp tap page in the portles folder and adding a java TabController.

The tab shows up correctly on the Dashboard, but the module data isn’t displayed, which is my problem. Unfortunately there isn’t much to find on creating tabs for your own module. I kind of just got this far by looking how other modules do this and checking the extension points mentioned in your second link.

When you say module data isn’t displayed, what do you exactly mean? Can you give some more details like user interface screenshots? Is the module publicly available like on github?

The module is not currently available on GitHub, but I’ll see what I can do about that!

Here are some screenshots to give you a better idea of the module and what my problem is:

The module consists of three parts: Module Information is just some text explaining the module, Oral Health Assessment is a form to be filled out when assessing a patient and “List of Oral Health Assessment” displays a list of all these forms that were filled out.

This is part of the form:

It’s much bigger and it saves all kind of data regarding the patient.

This is the List (only one form saved in this example):

Using the list, it is possible to look at all previews assessments that were filled out.

And this is the current Patient Dashboard view:

Basically what I want on the Dashboard is the same list with the modification that the entries of said list are only those assessments that were filled out for the current patient. But I can’t get the Dashboard to show any kind of data only the list header. I tried working with the same code I used in the module list, but the Patient Dashboard clearly works a bit differently?

Thank you again for your help!! :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded the current state of my module to Github:

This is my first time ever working with OpenMRS so there might be very obvious mistakes that cause this problem which I just can’t see. I’m pretty sure my problem lies in the TabController:

I’ve tried my best to understand how the Controllers work by checking out other modules, but I can’t seem to really grasp all of it.

Thanks again!

This remains unsolved, if you have any advice at all on where I could find some information on this or how I could approach solving this, I’d be very grateful!

@fritzfra can you install your module at and then show me the exact problem on that server? Username: admin Password: sup3rS3cr3tPassw0rd

Hiya, I’m sorry so to say, I got a 504 Bad Gateway when I tried to upload my module and there are error messages when trying to access that server, I uploaded the module on my local installation and the dev server to make sure it was the right version and it was fine there…

Not sure what happened?

Which openmrs platform version are you running on your local server?

Locally I’m using 1.11.6 Build 0d2192

Do you mind upgrading to 1.11.8?

I don’t mind. Unfortunately the most recent OpenMRS.war I can download seems to be 1.11.7 ? When I go to the 1.11.8 wiki page it also links me the 1.11.7 version. I’ve updated to that version for now. I could upload my module normally on this version.

If you let me know where to find 1.11.8 I can also update to that one. Is this to determine which versions the module is compatible with?

@mksd do you have a response to the above? :slight_smile:

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@fritzfra, I “think” I have solved this. I just built tag 1.11.8 and uploaded it on SourceForge, and I updated the link on the wiki. However, I’m surprised that this file is now 70MB… Not sure what’s going on there.

@mksd 1.11.7 was 52MB. So 1.11.8 being 70MB looks suspicious. Could you look in the lib folder for jar files that should not be there? Did you also just forget to upload the standalone and readme to sourceforge just like we have these for 1.11.7?

Ok almost all done (except for the standalone, I will do my best to upload it today).

@dkayiwa, could you delete the rep OpenMRS_1.11.8, I created it by mistake earlier and I don’t seem to have the rights to delete stuff on SourceForge.

Deleted. @mksd what did you do differently to reduce the war file size? Did you remove bundled modules? :slight_smile: