Merge Patient data from Multiple Installations Project

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(Samuel Male) #82

This was solved

(Samuel Male) #83

I’m gonna use this as my final report/blog for gsoc

please first review it whether its worth it :smile:

cc: @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa

Enhancement for Merge Patient Data module
(Daniel Futerman) #84

@samuel34 Thanks for sharing this for review. Can you please check to make sure the post is in line with the Project Summary Template format in GSoC 2018 - Final Evaluations. I don’t see sections for Project Title, Thoughts on GSoC, and can you update the Code section to be Contributions, and make sure that, in addition to installation steps, it’s clear about the specific code that you contributed to the project.

Also, great job on the module wiki page, can you also please update the project wiki page to summarise the current state of the project and add a link to the module wiki page from there.

(Samuel Male) #85

Thanks @danfuterman for your quick reviews. Just updated my report.