Medication prescriptions in RefApp

@prapakaran is working on an implementation using the Reference Application. He’s trying to add some functionality where providers can prescribe medications and view prescription history.

What’s the simplest way in Reference Application to accomplish that? Is it using the OrderEntry OWA (in which case we need to get the Drug Order Entry functionality in ship shape)? Is it creating a custom HTMLFormEntry form with prescription entry? Or is there something simple that comes with RefApp out of the box?


@burke @mogoodrich @mksrom?

This is the simplest that i can think of. As long as your needs do not go beyond this. I have seen a few implementations do just that. @slubwama @ssmusoke do you use this approach for UgandaEMR?

This will give you more flexibility. But like you said, it needs some more work to be fully functional.

Unfortunately there is not. :frowning_face:

@BandaHealth had that vision some time back, but later on changed their mind.

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There should be a complete solution, but this doesn’t exist currently. It’s needed. There are a few pieces that exist currently:

  • Dispensing module: Works with the RefApp. Partners In Health wrote this for the pharmacy to record every drug that is dispensed by the pharmacist. The missing piece is connection to the order by the clinicians and I don’t see documentation :frowning: It’s been used solidly since 2013. We also use with a dashboard widget to show clinicians what med have been dispensed.
  • htmlform drugOrder tag: This has been used in PIH Rwanda (and others?) for many years. The documentation describes some shortcomings. Since it’s htmlform, it works with the RefApp. Not sure about viewing the orders later or connections to the pharmacy.
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@dkayiwa @bistenes For us we have use postformSubmision action Which allows us to call custom methods to process any observation that has a concept which is of class Drug, to make it an order. Which we post to pharmacy using help from the queueing module. This helps the pharmacy dispense the medication.

The Modules here in play are

  1. HTML Form Entry

  2. Patient Queue module

@bistenes I am happy to give a demo of this if you can find it of help

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@bistenes Do you still think orde entry module is best fit for prescribe medications.

@slubwama @bistenes is there a working repository for us to test this functionality, Are you with PIH planning to include this in the next release, if yes we would like to add effort in testing this functionality

No idea about the releases. @mogoodrich ?

If we are talking about the Order Entry OWA, it’s here:

There’s a chance it might already be included in the Ref App? If not, I don’t have a strong preference whether to add it or not, but lean slightly toward not adding it, as there may be new order functionality rolling out in the not-so-distance further with the microfrontends initiative.

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Thanks for that clarification will surely see if we are to add it may be later during testing