Maven version will be upgraded in CI this weekend [25th April]

Thanks to @ibacher’s change, I will be upgrading maven this weekend across our agents.

Not changes are expected in your builds, but keep an eye on them.


sure will do so ,

thanks @cintiadr and @ibacher

This failed quite badly.

Updated maven 3 cannot upload artefacts to our Jfrog. We are running 2 agents only (with older maven).

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@cintiadr i thought we had this problem even before the maven upgrade!

@cintiadr - interesting. Do you / we know the cause of the error? I wonder if this is exposing the same issue I ran into when doing deploys from Github CI. If you recall, I was only able to get this to work after changing from the “” URL to the “” URL. It might be worth testing things with the latest Maven on a module that has the distributionManagement section updated to use the jfrog URL instead. Maybe you’ve already determined that this is not the issue, but possibly worth a try.


It’s exactly the same issue, @mseaton.

I couldn’t debug properly yet, but my current hypothesis is that when doing a redirect, maven do not send credentials. It’s silly, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

I want to build a full proxy to test before raising a ticket with maven, but JFrog didn’t create proper docs so I couldn’t get it to work.

So… yeah.


Let’s see what they say. I will upgrade to 3.3.9, but anything later than that breaks on our setup.

Agent ‘’ is now on maven 3.3.9

If that gives any trouble during the next 12h, please go ahead and disable it:

All maven is 3.3.9 for now.

I raised

to upgrade to something newer after I get a resolution (or definition) from the maven issue.

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