Maven version running on CI Servers

Our CI servers seem to be running Maven 3.2.5, which is… quite old (2014). Is there any reason this couldn’t be upgraded to 3.6.3 or at least 3.3.9? This would drop support for Java 6, which might be a big deal for some old(er) module out there.

PS This isn’t just an idle question. One of the build dependencies of the FHIR2 module requires Maven 3.3.9+



No objections here to trying it out…

Yes, please, can you help me? :smiley: I never managed to get there, and recently the world has made it harder to help here.

I think the vagrant box may still work, unsure.

I can grant you ssh access to those machines (if you promise to not do manual modifications without telling me! :smiley: )

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@cintiadr I’m happy to give things a shot, especially if there’s a dev environment I can mess up :smile:.

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The local vagrant is as good as it gets, but we can do the rollout one server at a time (there are three)

For anyone arriving to this thread, CI is now running maven 3.3.9

I cannot upgrade any further for now.

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For historical context, we attempted to upgrade maven before, just to hit a problem with maven/artefactory: Maven version will be upgraded in CI this weekend [25th April]

You should be now able to use newer versions of maven with our maven redirect. The following URLs should work with any modern maven:

At some point in the next weeks, I will upgrade maven in our bamboo agents.


Thanks @cintiadr!