Managing videos created by GCI students

Hi All,

There are very cool videos created by GCI students on various aspects of OpenMRS. It would be great to create some video repository or appropriate action to manage them for future use. I have seen verry interesting videos with cool ideas.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks, Harsha


Perhaps we can try to gather all of them and put them onto one OpenMRS YouTube channel? Giving credit where appropriate of course. Also, maybe in the future, all videos that need to be posted can be uploaded and posted on a wiki page or something else until they are put up on the OpenMRS channel.


I agree with cshah. Maybe like a GCI/GSoC OpenMRS youtube channel? That way future students can get a gist of what is expected to be done by them in their tasks and if the video is up to par with professional standards then it can be added to the main OpenMRS youtube channel.


I agree @harsha89, once the GCI dust settles we should have those (or the best ones) as part of the OpenMRS youtube channel


Yes, we will at minimum make a playlist in the OpenMRS channel. Meanwhile please reply to this topic to including all the GCI videos URL (i.e. embed) so the process will be easier to find them all. :slight_smile: Thanks!


@michael Do you want all associated openmrs videos? or just outreach videos?


@cshah In this topic, just looking for videos created during this round of GCI. Thanks! :smile:


Alright, gonna compile a big list of all the links, Will post in a few hours.


:smile: :movie_camera:

GCI-10 A real case scenario screencast using OpenMRS 2.x

GCI-17 Promo Video on OpenMRS Project

GCI-20 Tutorial on How To Install and Run OpenMRS

GCI-29 Promotional OpenMRS GSOC Video

GCI-30 A Promotional OpenMRS GCI Video

GCI-59 Create A Promotional Video Celebrating 10 Years of OpenMRS

talk topic here

GCI-61 Create A Promo Video for the OpenMRS iOS App


Didn’t want to embed all of these videos, so here’s a text file: VideoList.txt (1.8 KB)


Very exciting decision of having them organized on a well defined openmrs YouTube channel, another step after that may be there and then creating a wiki page that defines them and what’s therein revealed in each of them so as a person may instead be redirected to the wiki page.

Thanks everyone for this year’s GCI :smile:


Updated the video list by adding a few more videos that were completed in the past week:

VideoListUpdated.txt (1.9 KB)

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I’m fairly new to the uploading side of YouTube, however, I don’t really think it is possible to gather videos made by other users onto one channel, in any way other than by creating a playlist.

I thought you could…worst case we re-upload them…or ask you to give us the raw video files and we upload them. There are ways :slight_smile:

Someone (@michael I think) already created a playlist on the OpenMRS channel about a week ago.

Playlist: Featured OpenMRS Community Videos

And your video is there too @theresaribeiro :grin:

Yes, it’s a work in progress that I’ll finish after Maputo 2015. :slight_smile:

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Great – you all did amazing work!


Thanks for letting me know!:blush:

Hi @uzanysa, you’re doing an awesome job. Maybe you could attach a video demo for OpenMRS Android client as well.

Hi @owais_hussain. Thanks! :smile: Sure! Will try to upload one as soon as possible.

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