OpenMRS 10th year anniversary video project


2014 which has just passed marking the 10th year anniversary of OpenMRS. In celebration of this, a Google Code-In Task was made to create a promotional video depicting OpenMRS’s journey over the last 10 years, and their achievements.

Google Code-In(GCI) is a competition for teenagers(13-17) to participate and contribute to Open Source Software such as OpenMRS with the main goal for students to integrate themselves in the community. We are given tasks to complete and for this task I would like to reach out to the OpenMRS community and ask for a simple favour.

If you are graciously willing to video yourself or anyone of your Project/Company/Clinic/University/etc and send me the video clip covering one or more of the topics below, that would be great :relaxed:

  1. How long has your Project/Company/Clinic/University/etc been using OpenMRS?
  2. Why did you pick Open MRS?
  3. What do you hope OpenMRS will achieve in the next 10 years?
  4. Saying two words with a big smile : “10 years :smile: ” in your native language!
  5. Anything else relevant

An example:

Hi, My name is John Smith from Kenya. I am the community director of Helping Hands Clinic. We have been using OpenMRS for 4 years now. We use OpenMRS because……… My team and I hope that OpenMRS will make a great impact in the world in the years to come. 10 years.


I have received 3 contribution videos so far and hope to receive more soon! :grin: (mentors and fellow GCI participants contributions are most warmly welcomed as well!)

Example video concept:

Link to Google Code-In :

Links to some of my previous GCI task videos for OpenMRS:

Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Best Regards, Zoë email to : ungkuzoe■■■■■■■■■■


Awesome stuff @uzanysa!

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Thanks Harsha! Will you be contributing? :wink:

:smiley: haha, ok. i will try to do a short clip in the weekend


Thanks @uzanysa for leading this up!

As a reminder to everyone, with many browsers, you can simply go to and click on the “Webcam capture record” button to record a video with your webcam if you have one.

We really look forward to seeing the results!


@uzanysa is there a dead line for this???

If possible, by 8th/9th of January :blush: thanks for taking interest!

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Thanks for adding that! Makes it even easier for people to contribute :blush: hope you contribute a clip too :wink:

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@uzanysa why not push the deadline to 12th just to cover the weekend because some of us are planing to shot the clip over the weekend


True… Alright, will push the deadline to the 12th. Thanks for the suggestion :smile:


Here’s the finished video :smile: :movie_camera: :tada: :confetti_ball:

Many thanks to everyone who sent in their videos to include in this 10th year anniversary video :birthday: