LUI-44 bug, Is this issue still valid?

Hello all! My team of students are working on the issue below and I am wondering if you all could answer some questions that we have?


The error is show below:

My team has verified that the error does occur. However, it occurs only sometimes (around 1/6 executions of the tests). The error is a database conflict relating to possibly a foreign key violation within the database. Also all tests in the LUI-module are passing with three currently being ignored. The tests that are relevant to this error are also passing, as shown below in a pdf document.

Test Results โ€” org.openmrs.scheduler.web.controller in legacyui-omod.pdf (62.8 KB)

These tests relate to the SchedulerFormController, SchedulerForm, and TaskHelper classes. The code below is what we are investigating to determine the nature of error:

public void waitUntilTaskIsExecuting_shouldWaitUntilTaskIsExecuting() throws Exception {
		Date time = taskHelper.getTime(Calendar.SECOND, 1);
		TaskDefinition task = taskHelper.getScheduledTaskDefinition(time);
		taskHelper.waitUntilTaskIsExecuting(task, MAX_WAIT_TIME_IN_MILLISECONDS);

Link to class:

We believe that the error is likely related to the call to deleteAllData() though why is currently unknown. Our questions relate to the validity of this issue. According the the Legacy UI readme at, the legacy UI is planned to be retired. Should we continue work on this issue? Should the issue be closed? If we should continue work on this issue, how do we proceed with modifying the database?

Thank you,

Team JavaMRSLUI-44_Report.txt (4.3 KB)

Looking at the issue again, you made a correct judgement that it is not of a high priority. So yes i would vote for leaving it in preference to community priority tickets. Here is an example: Can someone help me with this issue: Appointment Scheduling UI: Add Global Property for adding weekend days to Calendar in Manage Appointment Blocks Page.

Or you can just search JIRA for tickets with the community-priority label.

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