Can someone help me with this issue: Appointment Scheduling UI: Add Global Property for adding weekend days to Calendar in Manage Appointment Blocks Page.

I tried to do it myself but I have no experience in programming and I found it really difficult. My implementation depends on appointment scheduling module so it would be great if someone can help with this.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

was this added to the new reference application 2.7?

Looking at the JIRA ticket status, not yet.

@samuel34 do you have some spare cycles for this?

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Thanks @dkayiwa for assigning me this issue, just gonna push a commit for it.
Iā€™m gonna look into it closely :slight_smile:

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@samuel34 @dkayiwa Thank you! could you please tell me if it gets done? Thank you!

Made a commit at
cc: @dkayiwa

Thanks @samuel34 for working on this. On the JIRA ticket, can you attach the compiled module for @hossam to test?

Done, @hossam you can find .omod here :slight_smile:

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@samuel34 I can not thank you enough!! I will try it now.

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Works perfectly!! Thank you so much! @samuel34

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