Looking for Translator and Reviewers!

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(Ismael Batista) #21

Hi, you can send me your transifex ID

(Ismael Batista) #22

Good i will check your history in transifex… and if you apply i will set you as Reviewer

(Aditya Bisht) #23

Where do I have to apply? @ibatista

(Aditya Bisht) #24

@lana wants to apply too @ibatista consider her too :smile:

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #25

Hi everyone!

I’m a bilingual having both Russian and Ukrainian as my native languages. These ones are quite uncommon in the community, so I’d appreciate if you gave me reviewing property since there are many unchecked strings. I’m working on Reference Application.

Transifex username: sviho


(Svitlana Honcharuk) #26

I’ve already sent a helpdesk ticket, thanks :grin:

(Aditya Bisht) #27

The helpdesk redirects to this topic :wink:

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #28

That’s why I’ve replied to this thread :wink:

(Ismael Batista) #29

Good! im checking your profile

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #30

Thank you! @ibatista

(Khalid Zayed) #31

Hello Ismael, My Transifex is drzayed

I am really lost with this thing

(Khalid Zayed) #32

I think I got the idea. I logged unto Transifex and went straight to Core Module and started contributing translations but suppose I complete all that. What do I do next?

(Aryan Malhotra) #33

Hey @ibatista,

What does “logged in as {0} as {1}” means?

(Aditya Bisht) #34

@aryu124 you don’t have to go down to understand the usage and meaning of the string, just converted it into Hindi (in this case) which conveys the same message as in English.

For example, “logged in as {0} at {1}” can be written as “{1} पर {0} के रूप में लॉग इन”.

PS: by “logged in as {0} as {1}” I think you meant “logged in as {0} at {1}”.

(mona saleh) #35

Hi Ismael,

I tried translating without transifex. I used GIMP for website drawing & a LibreOffic Calc sheet for translating word by word. I have attached a sample. What do you think?

(Attachment open mrs.ods is missing)

(Attachment open mrs.xcf is missing)

(mona saleh) #36

the links on drive



(mona saleh) #37

and saved in this console :slight_smile:

(Attachment Home.htm is missing)

(mona saleh) #38

here in console:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="Home_files/jquery-1.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var OPENMRS_CONTEXT_PATH = 'ems';
        var openmrsContextPath = '/' + OPENMRS_CONTEXT_PATH;
        window.sessionContext = window.sessionContext || {
            locale: "en_GB"
        window.translations = window.translations || {};
        var openmrs = {
            server: {
                timezone: "+0300",
                timezoneOffset: -180
<ul class="user-options" style="padding: 20px;">
    <li class="identifier" style="cursor: pointer;">
        <i class="icon-user small"></i>
        <i class="icon-caret-down appui-icon-caret-down link"></i><i class="icon-caret-up link appui-toggle" style="display: none;"></i>
        <ul id="user-account-menu" class="appui-toggle">
                <a id="" href="[](">
                    My Account
    <li class="change-location">
        <a href="javascript:void(0);">
            <i class="icon-map-marker small"></i>
            <span data-bind="text: text">Other Location</span>
            <i class="icon-caret-down link"></i>
    <li class="logout">
        <a href="[](">
            <i class="icon-signout small"></i>

<div style="display:none">
    <div id="spinner" style="position:absolute; display:none">
        <img src="Home_files/spinner.gif">
    <ul class="select">
        <li class="" locationid="14" locationname="Alice Nursing Home">Alice Nursing Home</li>
        <li class="" locationid="80" locationname="Amurt Health Centre">Amurt Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="31" locationname="Baba Dogo Health Centre">Baba Dogo Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="16" locationname="Baldo Ippolita">Baldo Ippolita</li>
        <li class="" locationid="9" locationname="Bristol park">Bristol park</li>
        <li class="" locationid="94" locationname="Consolata Shrine Disp">Consolata Shrine Disp</li>
        <li class="" locationid="83" locationname="Eagles Health Care Solution">Eagles Health Care Solution</li>
        <li class="" locationid="11" locationname="Embakasi Health Center">Embakasi Health Center</li>
        <li class="" locationid="74" locationname="Hope Medical Clinic">Hope Medical Clinic</li>
        <li class="" locationid="44" locationname="Jaralam Medical">Jaralam Medical</li>
        <li class="" locationid="30" locationname="Kahawa West Health Centre">Kahawa West Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="37" locationname="Kamiti Health Centre">Kamiti Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="42" locationname="Kangemi health centre">Kangemi health centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="28" locationname="Kariobangi South Health Centre">Kariobangi South Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="59" locationname="Karura Health Centre Kiambu Road">Karura Health Centre Kiambu Road</li>
        <li class="" locationid="22" locationname="Kayole (I) Health Centre">Kayole (I) Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="21" locationname="Kayole (II) Sub-district Hospital">Kayole (II) Sub-district Hospital</li>
        <li class="" locationid="96" locationname="Kayole I Health Centre">Kayole I Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="95" locationname="Kayole II Sub-district Hospital">Kayole II Sub-district Hospital</li>
        <li class="" locationid="36" locationname="Korogocho Health Centre">Korogocho Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="78" locationname="Lianas Clinic">Lianas Clinic</li>
        <li class="" locationid="48" locationname="Lower Kabete Dispensary">Lower Kabete Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="91" locationname="Maria Maternity Nursing Home">Maria Maternity Nursing Home</li>
        <li class="" locationid="76" locationname="Marurui Dispensary">Marurui Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="33" locationname="Mathare North Health Centre">Mathare North Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="85" locationname="Mihango Community Dispensary">Mihango Community Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="87" locationname="Mji Wa Huruma Dispensary">Mji Wa Huruma Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="71" locationname="Mowlem Health Centre">Mowlem Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="10" locationname="Mukuru Health Center">Mukuru Health Center</li>
        <li class="" locationid="18" locationname="Mukuru MMM Clinic">Mukuru MMM Clinic</li>
        <li class="" locationid="93" locationname="NYS HQ Dispensary Ruaraka">NYS HQ Dispensary Ruaraka</li>
        <li class="selected" locationid="1" locationname="Other Location">Other Location</li>
        <li class="" locationid="15" locationname="Patanisho">Patanisho</li>
        <li class="" locationid="17" locationname="Reinha Rosary">Reinha Rosary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="19" locationname="Reliable Medical Health Centre">Reliable Medical Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="69" locationname="Reuben Mukuru Health centre">Reuben Mukuru Health centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="29" locationname="Ruaraka clinic">Ruaraka clinic</li>
        <li class="" locationid="101" locationname="St Getrudes Githogoro">St Getrudes Githogoro</li>
        <li class="" locationid="99" locationname="St Johns Hospital Githurai">St Johns Hospital Githurai</li>
        <li class="" locationid="100" locationname="St Joseph Mukasa Dispensary">St Joseph Mukasa Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="102" locationname="St Joseph The Worker Disp">St Joseph The Worker Disp</li>
        <li class="" locationid="98" locationname="St Patrick Health Care Centre">St Patrick Health Care Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="58" locationname="St. Getrudes Githogoro">St. Getrudes Githogoro</li>
        <li class="" locationid="38" locationname="St. Johns Hospital Githurai">St. Johns Hospital Githurai</li>
        <li class="" locationid="77" locationname="St. Joseph Mukasa Dispensary">St. Joseph Mukasa Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="97" locationname="St. Joseph The Worker Disp">St. Joseph The Worker Disp</li>
        <li class="" locationid="82" locationname="St. Joseph The Worker Disp.">St. Joseph The Worker Disp.</li>
        <li class="" locationid="24" locationname="St. Patrick Health Care Centre">St. Patrick Health Care Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="25" locationname="Umoja Health Centre">Umoja Health Centre</li>
        <li class="" locationid="72" locationname="Unity Nursing Home">Unity Nursing Home</li>
        <li class="" locationid="46" locationname="Upendo Medical Clinic">Upendo Medical Clinic</li>
        <li class="" locationid="40" locationname="Uzima Dispensary">Uzima Dispensary</li>
        <li class="" locationid="23" locationname="Well Living">Well Living</li>
        <li class="" locationid="52" locationname="Westlands Health Centre">Westlands Health Centre</li>
        <div class="close-icon"><i class="icon-remove"></i></div>
        <div class="close-icon"><i class="icon-remove"></i></div>
    <div id="content" class="container">
            Logged in as Super User (admin) at Other Location.
    <div id="apps">
            <a id="aihdconfigs-findPatientLink-aihdconfigs-findPatientLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-search"></i>

    استخراج ملف المريض

            <a id="org-openmrs-module-coreapps-activeVisitsHomepageLink-org-openmrs-module-coreapps-activeVisitsHomepageLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-calendar"></i>
                Active Visits
            <a id="appointmentschedulingui-homeAppLink-appointmentschedulingui-homeAppLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-calendar"></i>
                Appointment Scheduling
            <a id="referenceapplication-registrationapp-registerPatient-homepageLink-referenceapplication-registrationapp-registerPatient-homepageLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-user"></i>
                Register a patient
            <a id="coreapps-datamanagement-homepageLink-coreapps-datamanagement-homepageLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-hdd"></i>
                Data Management
            <a id="org-openmrs-module-adminui-configuremetadata-homepageLink-org-openmrs-module-adminui-configuremetadata-homepageLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-tasks"></i>
                Configure Metadata
            <a id="coreapps-systemadministration-homepageLink-coreapps-systemadministration-homepageLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-cogs"></i>
                System Administration
            <a id="aihdreports-homepageLink-aihdreports-homepageLink-extension" href="[](" class="button app big">
                   <i class="icon-book"></i>

    (Aryan Malhotra) #39

    Hey @ibatista

    I had been translating the modules in Hindi language and have already made 100+ translations in Hindi(hi) and 50+ translations in Hindi(hi_IN). I met all the requirements mentioned by you for applying for reviewer.

    My Transifex ID : aryu124

    Thank you :slight_smile:

    (Satvik Shrivastava) #40

    Since hindi(IN) is less popular, I would recommend contributing to hindi(hi)only. :slight_smile: