Looking for the OpenMRS 2.6.0 Platform Release Manager

Dear Community,

On today’s platform team call, we decided to look for a release manager for the OpenMRS Platform version 2.6.0, which we would ideally release before the end of this year.

This is our platform release process: OpenMRS Platform Release Process - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

And here are the details of what it takes to be a platform release manager: Release Process - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

You will be guided/mentored by someone who has ever been a platform release manager.

Is there any volunteer who would like to take this opportunity?


Dear @dkayiwa,

Thank you for this great opportunity, I would love to take this up.


im putting myself here as an interested party aswell :slight_smile:

Thanks @abertnamanya and @mherman22 for expressing interest in this!

You can actually work together to make this happen! :slight_smile:

Because we would like to release before the year ends, are you able to immediately get started with this? OpenMRS Platform Release Process - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki


Would be glad to work with @abertnamanya


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I would like to be part of this. Thank you @dkayiwa

Thank you @dkayiwa, It will be great working with you @mherman22.

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Dear @mherman22 Here is my slack handle abertnamanya Let’s get in touch

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So in preparation for this release of platform 2.6.0, i have gone through a list of tickets labeled 2.6.0 and imminent is the wiki page for the release. Are those the only tickets to be included in this release and what are the various bundled modules/owas for this release?

And here’s the tickets i have been able to sort out from those already released in 2.5.8, 2.5.6 and other versions released prior to this. Take a look at Platform Release Notes 2.6.0 (draft) - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

cc: @dkayiwa @abertnamanya

Same as before, but ensure that we are using the latest version of each: openmrs-distro-platform/pom.xml at platform-2.5.7 · openmrs/openmrs-distro-platform · GitHub

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Thank you @mherman22 There is this query that I ran, most of the tickets are under review Issue Navigator - OpenMRS Issues Can we have a meeting and look through the tickets to be included in the release?


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Yeah we should. 1pm EAT is good for me any day

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i have removed the following tickets from the soon to be released platform 2.6.0 with guidance from @dkayiwa because they have not been merged, pull request not updated in a while or has not been reviewed and approved.

  1. [TRUNK-6049] Migrate tracking of Logged-In Users into core - OpenMRS Issues
  2. [TRUNK-5134] Replace path constructions using separator char - OpenMRS Issues
  3. [TRUNK-6048] ProviderAttribute - Switching from hibernate Mappings to annotations - OpenMRS Issues
  4. [TRUNK-5466] Visit Locations in core domain model - OpenMRS Issues

Then @dkayiwa @abertnamanya i need you to take a look at [TRUNK-4860] Unit tests on validators not checking messages from errors or exceptions - OpenMRS Issues, i wasn’t sure what to with it because of the last comments on the ticket.

Just follow the same pattern as i gave you for the rest of the tickets.

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Tickets for hibernate haven’t been carrying any fix version so we can leave them out to the release

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Dear @dkayiwa, We are in the process of releasing platform 2.6.0-alpha, Build for the core plan seems not to be successful

Error Message: + export IMAGE=openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:003a5c18ec98e54a924a49e3ed6d291b9e50a - Pastebin.com

CC: @mherman22

Together with @abertnamanya , we were able to release the core 2.6.0 version in JIRA and subsequently created 2.6.1 as the next version release of OpenMRS Platform.

i have sent an email to @akanter as described here in order to request for access to the CIEL dropbox folder. so that i can be able to update the CIEL version in the standalone pom.xml. It is after this step that we can have platform 2.6.0-alpha released.

cc: @abertnamanya @dkayiwa

@mherman22 and @abertnamanya, the version that we are to release is 2.6.0 not 2.6.1. Can you correct that?

yeah, we are releasing 2.6.0.

2.6.1 is the version we created in jira after releasing 2.6.0 as stated on step 3 which reads “Create a new version for the next release”. checkout OpenMRS Platform Release Process - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki under the Steps to follow for all releases: section.

Thanks for the clarification. @abertnamanya and @mherman22 can you take a look at this? Commits · openmrs/openmrs-core · GitHub

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