Localhost shows 'Bahmni down for maintenance'

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I installed Bahmni on fresh CentOS (7.5) and followed the Steps for Installing Bahmni v0.93. However, I am getting below errors for pg related server mismatch version and also few services like ODOO, ERP etc. are not found… and so when I try to open the localhost in web it gives me standard error “Bahmni Down for maintenance…” Are services or related modules not installed due to pg server version issues? Also, I am wondering that modules which uses postgresql shouldn’t be accessible but why other applications which use mysql are not shown or why this generic msg is shown about Bahmni is down, I wish to understand the reason.



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Update :

2 versions of postgreSQL were installed installed… removed it and that error was gone. This helped - instalattion error bahmni 0.90

Now am getting further error but I think I will be able to resolve, not sure if my Bahmni installation went well…

Sometimes if there are errors while installing Bahmni, u can retrigger the installer. Since Bahmni installer uses Ansible under the hood, it is safe to re-trigger the installer, since the way it works is that is first checks if a file/folder/setting is present – if yes, it doesn’t do anything, if not, if fixes it and moves ahead. So, when first time - things were partially installed (due to some network, or permission issue, etc), the second time, it can go ahead from where it left off… and fix things.

Thank you for the pointers… however its not working for me, I uninstalled Bahmni by cmd ‘yum -y remove bahmni*’ I keep getting one or another error… on fresh OS I had installed Bahmni. Well, recent uninstall and reinstall ends with this msg shown in the snapshot

Localhost in browser shows this-

What should I do next? :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you again.

I don’t think it will be possible to suggest a solution since this doesn’t tell what went wrong behind the scenes. Maybe u can attach the full install log (from the console). Or simply reinstall from fresh, and then share the full installation log to understand where did the first error occur.

The message u shared shows that ERP service was not found (which means it wasn’t installed or it didn’t start or can’t be started). But why did that happen… must be an error much earlier in the log.

Here is what the install log looks like: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/33128505/Bahmni%20v93%20Install%20Log%20on%20CentosV76.txt?version=1&modificationDate=1635308060768&cacheVersion=1&api=v2

Thank you @gsluthra. Finally my problem is resolved, what I did is following steps,

  1. Reinstalled CentOS with manual partition (surely that is not a solution but I did it)
  2. yum install ca-certificates
  3. nano /etc/wgetrc, added ca_directory=/etc/ssl/certs line to it
  4. Stopped/Disabled my firewall
  5. yum -y update
  6. Followed steps Installing Bahmni version 0.93 (Recommended)

Thank you again for your timely help.

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Great to know. thanks for detailed steps.

Do also read this page, to ensure your Bahmni installation is secure.

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