locale_en.json not covered all keys!

Hi I’m implementing Bahmni for my hospital by following steps from wiki

I copied locale_en.json and rename to locale_th.json in i18n folder as wiki instruction. but many keys were missing and showing like this

Any suggestion?

Thanks Pi

Hi @zacrify, There is 1 important aspect of Bahmni Localization i.e All the Internationalized labels from Bahmni Product are localized in /var/www/bahmniapps/app/i18n/modulesname/locale_en.json and the labels introduced in config are localized in /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/i18n/modulesname/locale_en.json. Hence please get the product locales and config locales for this.

this help me.

Big Thanks @swathivarkala