List your use-case scenario's of OpenMRS or Bahmni!!!

Hi all, been awhile since I’ve last posted. I’m with Global Health Coalition, a US based non-profit. As like many of you’ve we’ve customized Bahmni / OpenMRS for a couple clinical partners, in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in ambulatory clinics. We provide an end-to-end service, performing needs assessments, designing EMR infrastructure to match clinic workflow, EMR maintenance and deployment, and data visualization platform. We have longitudinal relationships with our partners. Our clinical partners include Community Empowerment (Chicago, Haiti) and One World Surgery (Minneapolis, Chicago, Dominican Republic). Our Bahmni development partner is Mekom (can’t speak any more highly of them). Both ambulatory sites see around 100-750 patients per week. We operate a LAN with battery charging packs and intermittent data uploads for data analytics from the U.S. There is no regular internet or electicity at our clinics. We run about 10-12 client Chromebooks. For visualizations, we use Tableau. Our main focus is improving health through data-driven decision making. I’m the founder and an advanced heart failure cardiologist at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL.

It would be great to hear about your use cases, where, what sort of deployment and environment, etc.