Research on metrics or impact of rolling out Bahmni/OpenMRS EMR?

Are you aware of any impact studies on positive impact (esp in clinical areas or patient care) of deploying Bahmni/OpenMRS in low resource settings? If so, please share here. Will be most helpful, for fund generation and evangelizing Bahmni/OpenMRS.

We are aware of a few specific to Bahmni:

  1. Implementation of Bahmni at JSS (Bilaspur, India)
  1. Fighting Tuberculosis with Open-Source Tech - YouTube

  2. Design and implementation of an affordable, public sector electronic medical record in rural Nepal - PMC

  3. Open-source electronic health record systems: A systematic review of most recent advances

  4. Strengthening Strategic Information Activities in the Kingdom of Lesotho (Key Findings Report) - PEPFAR, ICAP

  5. Google Scholar Listings (Bahmni)

A similar older thread for OpenMRS: Measuring OpenMRS Impact.

If you know more, please share.