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I fleshed out some more of the blurbs today.

I added a column “Q3-2016 Status”, and I put “DJ” in that column for the ones I’m proposing as ready-to-go. (We should have a better process than this, but I don’t want to figure that out now.)

Let me call out one bigger change: I switched “KenyaEMR Distribution” to the broader “Country-specific Distributions”, and I expanded the blurb to also mention Mozambique and Uganda. This is more in line with what I think Jan and I would say from the Distro team perpspective. (But if someone thinks we should actually be listing these distros individually, we could take that approach too.)

If you’re considering OpenMRS in Kenya, Mozambique or Uganda, you will want to look into KenyaEMR, eSaude, or Aijar (check name), respectively, and see if those distributions meet your needs, before considering one of the general-purpose OpenMRS distributions.

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I’m sad to see that nobody has touched the document since I worked on it a month ago.

I propose that we spend next Wednesday’s design forum (Sept 7) doing a final review of our draft document, and we move to publish our first Tech Radar ASAP.

@burke, @sunbiz, @pascal, @mseaton, @wyclif , @dkayiwa, thoughts?

(@jthomas, can we tentatively schedule this for the Sept 7 design forum?)

Works for me. I might be a couple of minutes late though.

@darius we have another topic scheduled for next Wednesday (Sept 7)…

Wednesday, September 14 is open though.

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Okay, let it be Sept 14.


Sorry I haven’t been able to work on this lately. The (incomplete and non-functional) code that I’ve written is here. I’ve attempted to use tabletop to load data directly from the Google spreadsheet, and display it using an old radar rendering implementation forked from someone at Thoughworks.

I’m not sure when next I’ll be able to work on this, so if anyone wants to take a look, they’re welcome to use what I’ve done or start from scratch.

I did some more work on this, and I forked the code to, and it is being published at

We are almost there! There are only two things left to do, then we are ready to publish:

  1. Update the Blurb to use markdown (and incorporate the link). I did the first 5 of these, but need some mindless help with the rest. Specific steps are:
  • Go to the spreadsheet
  • Ensure that column G uses markdown as appropriate
    • the first mention of the technology itself should be **bold**
    • whatever was in column H should be incorporated as a link: [label](url)
  • when you’re done with an entry, write DONE in column H
  1. We need to fix the bug that requires us to have something in every category+recommendation. This requires checking out the code and debugging.
  • I noticed that it’s not actually required for the last quadrant. I don’t know if that matters.
  • When you check out the code it’s not enough to just open the index.html file in a browser, you actually need to be running a web server. (I haven’t looked into why.) Quick way to do this is something like npm install -g http-server and then http-server from the root directory of the code

Thanks @darius!

If I remember correctly, the bug occurs when placing the Adopt/Trial/etc labels. I believe the code is trying to calculate a y-offset based on the position of the previous label + the number of items below it. If there are no values then there’s some kind of null- or zero-related error. I haven’t looked at the code in a while though, so I could be wrong.

Thanks Pascal, that helped a lot. I have a fix for this and I’ll push it up shortly.

In the meantime, everyon please help with markdown on the blurbs

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@burke, @pascal, @mseaton, @wyclif, @dkayiwa

Pascal and I have gotten things cleaned up and working at Please take a final look and review it.

Now we need to decide how/when to release it. Personally I think that after people have had a chance to review over the next 3-4 days we can just post it. (I guess to Talk, with a blog post, a tweet, FB post, etc.)

However, looking earlier in this thread I said:

At this point, we’ve had the draft spreadsheet posted since May, and there has been regular activity on this thread (from the usual suspects) so I’m not really sure why socializing it on a dev call before releasing it is necessary. (@r0bby, you were the one I said it to at the time, do you think it’s helpful at this point?)

Anyone opposed to releasing this mid-next week?

@raff, would you mind specifically reviewing the OWA and HTML+JS+REST blurbs in and see if they’re in line with our latest thinking? And in particular what link should we put to the latest of the Soldevelo work?

I don’t think I ever voiced anything about this…

Looks fine to me, good job guys!

This is great for a start!

@darius, I’ve reviewed and agree with the proposed assessments. Thanks!

Thanks Rafal, Daniel, and Wyclif!

I’m sitting with Angshu, and he points out an obvious thing we missed: terminology management!

I think we should add CIEL (Adopt) and OCL (Assess or Trial)


Fine with me

@darius That was a nice catch! :smile:

I added CIEL (Adopt) and OCL (Trial) under “Standards & Conventions” and copied them to the Q1 2017 sheet.

As a note, ThoughtWorks has now released an open-source tool to visualize the radar (which you can either self-host or have hosted by them). We should migrate to this at some point.

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