JIRA outage 5th November

So, next Sunday I will be migrating JIRA to the new server:

I do expect at least 1h long outage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes longer.

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This is happening now! Wish me luck!

Good luck! May the Atlassian Gods look kindly upon you.


It took a few retries, but everything looks good now.

Some wiki pages might give you a ‘JIRA macro’ error. If you edit the macro and recreate it (or add a new macro), it appears fine.

Maybe the confluence upgrade will fix that too.

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Awesome work @cintiadr :bouquet: :slight_smile:

The upgrade seems to have gone well. Does any one know how to turn off or hide the left side bar which has shown up after the upgrade?

The left hand panel is one of the many new features since we last upgraded.

You can collapse the left panel by clicking the double arrows at the bottom of it and, I believe, JIRA will preserve its state for you (so you don’t have to collapse it each time you visit).

Thanks @burke for the tip. :slight_smile:

After collapsing the sidebar, there is another smaller bar that is left. Is that also hideable? :smile:

I’m afraid not. It’s part of the navigation UI. Hopefully the collapsed mode is thin enough, it won’t bother you. If it does, you have two options: (1) get a wider monitor or (2) use a Chrome plugin to inject some CSS to hide it. :wink: