JIRA issue tracker shows my account as [X] Inactive

My account on JIRA is appearing as [X] Inactive and I am not being able to log in. Tried resetting password but that didn’t help.

Please help.

@f4ww4z @suthagar23 @dkayiwa

@deepak140596 we are notified of the status from here: https://status.openmrs.org/. Just be patient as the issue is fixed.


Thanks @jwnasambu.

Thanks @jwnasambu , but it seems that I can’t tag @deepak140596 in JIRA. Any help would be appreciated.

@cintiadr could this be related to JIRA sync with LDAP?

Yes, it is.

You cannot mention a person unless they logged in recently.

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@cintiadr I sent a message to helpdesk about it to no avail, could you check the case of ‘samuel34’ on Jira? Somehow he became inactive all of a sudden, this is quite a blocker for us on a number of tickets.

Cc @samuel34


I have noticed that there are quite a number of accounts in that state.

@cintiadr is there anything i can do to help? :slight_smile:

My GSoC student is in the same state: https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?name=andu033

@cintiadr would you mind taking a look?

Can you ask them to login to Jira?

FYI, the last time JIRA registered that @andu033 logged in was in 2019-05-18 20:57:38 AEST .

I’m really swamped lately with work, but I do want to have time for that in September. If you’ll have a few spare cycles to help me, I’m quite happy to grant access to those willing to help on any ticket in ‘To Do’:


I would gladly help if you told me what to do. :smile:

Same here @cintiadr, just ‘admin’ me and I’ll try to help where I can.

Take one of those tickets, and tell me what you need. Put the result files on a shared google drive.

@dkayiwa you should be able to grant admin access to @mksd to anything needed. And create the drive too.

You might need to go to the database directly for some of those tickets. On that case, just get me your public ssh key and I’ll make it happen.

We might have around 150k users now, so try to not bring things down. :smiley:

So, is there any chance you’d have anyone available to work on any of those tickets?

Hi @cintiadr, this is still happening, can you provide some info as to what actually happens here?

Frequent Jira users are being deactivated, while plenty of others are left untouched.

Really? That wasn’t supposed to be happening again. I will try to look tonight if something is broken again, but it wasn’t supposed to.

Would be really grateful if this is fixed. For example, this user can comment and claim issues, but I can’t tag or assign him. Same is happening for new accounts.

Kindly logout then login again.

It’s still not working, same error as my screenshot.