JIRA issue tracker shows my account as [X] Inactive

I think in your case @rishabh997 will have log out and log in again, because jira is showing his account as inactive not yours :slight_smile:

@prathamesh009 seems that’s the case. @rishabh997 please log out and login again, I need to assign you in JIRA a few times.

sure sir, i have logged in again

Sorry peeps, I was on leave the and planets didn’t align well on my laptop.

It should be fixed now. The problem was known to me, but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen while I was away.


Due to https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/ITSM-4251 , when the LDAP container restarts, Crowd loses the ability to retrieve more than 500 users per group and add to its cache. By consequence, everything else appears ‘deleted’.

It shouldn’t be a complicated fix, but I thought I was in the clear for a couple of weeks. I thought that restarting the machine (but not the container) wouldn’t trigger the problem.

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Thanks a ton @cintiadr , the problem is indeed fixed.