Jira: 2022 Q1 Graveyard clean-up

Following our Jira Cleanup / Graveyarding policy, it’s time for our quarterly clean up. Thanks to folks this month who already cleaned up TRUNK, RA, and O3 tickets - none of these projects are affected.

116 old tickets are affected. The oldest was created 12 years ago! To see the list and check if any tickets you reported should stay open, please see the list of current Graveyard Candidates:


Otherwise these issues will be closed in two weeks.

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Thanks @grace for the ticket clean up. thanks for the effort.

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Thanks @grace for this initiative. There are some tickets that have stayed too long on the boards.

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Awe thanks for the appreciation @sharif and @irenyak1, I really appreciate that :heart: I feel quite badly that I haven’t joined the PM calls lately; the 5am timing is just so hard for me. Can’t wait to connect with you in person in Uganda soon.


Ohh woww , We cant wait to meet you as well.it will be party :hamburger: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe it will be a happy time! Looking forward to the moment :slight_smile:

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Update: As it’s been 2 weeks since this post, I’ve closed the 116 issues (including sub-tasks) impacted. You can find them here with this label: Graveyard-2022-02

Added a how-to video to the Graveyard SOP documentation for one of the more complicated steps.