Is there a way to display and edit more information in the title of the patient dashboard?

Reference Aplication 2.10

Hello everyone (My implementation has turned 2 years old, so I take this opportunity to thank you for your previous help).

My patients have additional information to the address and phone number that is always filled in when creating a patient, but I have never been able to put that additional data in the patient dashboard to view and edit it easily.

this question is very n00b, but is there a way to add that additional data in this place? Captura

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Can this be of help Talk thread and this Registrationapp configuration

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Amazing, thanks! i will test it right now

Congratulations @elkinleon on your 2 year implementation anniversary! That’s awesome. Thanks for choosing our community :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what additional information are you hoping for? I’m curious because someone literally just asked me today, “Is there any other information that implementations might want to see on a patient dashboard other than address?”

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Hi Grace, thank you very much!

in the country where I live, Colombia, the MRS systems must have certain patient information always visible next to their name, age, address and phone number. this is a national regulation and any Health Care Provider Institute must comply with it to operate legally in the country.

The additional information requested by this regulation is

  • Country of birth
  • National or foreign identity document (foreigner in our case where an important percentage of Venezuelan population lives).
  • Marital Status (Single, married or free union)
  • Occupation (employed or unemployed. If employed, what is your profession or job title).
  • Accompanying person’s data, such as name, identity document, telephone and mail (when patients arrive in very bad health condition, they usually come with a person who accompanies them, if that is the case, it is required to have the data of that person).

Surely each country’s legislation is different

Thanks for the help, unfortunately I can’t add the data I needed in the patientHeader without doing a complete fork of the coreapps, which is impossible for me to do due to time constraints.

For now I will use the temporary solution that @sharif gave me, but I feel it is not the most optimal or elegant solution.

Congratulations on your implementation @elkinleon. Interesting to read that OpenMRS 2.x is being used in Colombia!

I “think” it’s possible to do what you want if you have a custom implementation module.

There is an extension point exposed by Core Apps right there close to the patient header where you could hook a custom fragment that displays what you want. But this custom fragment would have to be shipped by your custom module in order for Core Apps to hook it in there.

That’s the quickest way to get to what you’re after I’d say.

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Thanks @mksd for clarification @elkinleaon would you update us with current work being done towards achieving your goal and whats missing such that we can provide quick response

@elkinleon sorry last time I was on my phone and couldn’t provide all the info.

So, here:

The visit status info and the sticky note are configured as extensions to the patientHeader.secondLineFragments extension point in the header. For the Ref App this is configured here: openmrs-module-coreapps/patientHeader_extension.json at bf636cc1339832a0bdce56b9c4b38de9c52aa973 · openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps · GitHub

This could be overridden and you could very well sneak in one more fragment before the visit status extension. But this fragment and the overriding configuration would have to come from your custom module, if you have one.