Interested Contributors, Get Ready for GSoC 2024!

Hello everyone! :tada::tada:

I’m thrilled to share that OpenMRS has been chosen as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2024! :star2: We’ve been a part of Google’s Summer of Code for over fifteen amazing years, and we’re absolutely stoked to keep this journey going with all of you! :rocket:

According to the GSoC timeline, the contributor application period kicks off on 2024-03-18T18:00:00Z and wraps up on 2024-04-02T18:00:00Z. So, now’s the perfect time to gear up for your applications! :date:

Our list of potential projects is up on our GSoC 2024 wiki page, along with all the details you’ll need. Take a peek, explore the projects, and chat more about them with the awesome mentors assigned to each project :technologist:. If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to drop them in the community. And remember, asking questions the smart way gets you the best answers! :nerd_face:

Here are some fun things you can dive into before the application period kicks off. These activities will not only help you create a strong application but also boost your chances of being selected:

  1. Get to know our vibrant community, what we’re all about, and how we roll with our Guide for the New & Curious.

  2. Say hello and introduce yourself on the community introduction page over at OpenMRS Talk.

  3. Take a spin through our OpenMRS demos 2.x, 3.x and see how it’s making waves around the world.

  4. Check out some past projects for inspiration on the kinds of awesomeness we’ve supported:

  5. Brush up on OpenMRS Pull Request tips, How to Send a Good Pull Request, and Coding Standards. Also, dive into some code reviews—they’re a fantastic way to get familiar with the OpenMRS code base!

  6. Do some contributions! Look out for introductory tickets on OpenMRS Issues and send in some good pull requests. Don’t stress about getting them merged right away. Our awesome community will review them and take care of the rest. Every meaningful pull request (even if it is not merged) will be counted when we are evaluating your applications!

  7. Achieve /dev/1 status! (Grab the /dev/null badge first, then earn the Smart Developer badge by acing the quiz).

Stay active, ask questions, and get ready to boost your chances of being part of the OpenMRS family for Google Summer of Code 2024! :tada: Let’s make it an unforgettable summer together! :sunny::rocket:


Hi everyone! :wave:

Just dropping by again to share some helpful resources for all our GSoC applicants! If you’re looking for guidance on the application process, check out our GSoC Student Guideline.

Also, when you’re preparing your project proposal, don’t miss to watch the awesome session we had last year on proposal writing. You’ll get some extra tips and insights! :memo::bulb:

We’ll soon be sharing the application template for GSoC 2024 with you. Keep an eye out for it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the community. We’re here to help! :blush:


I would like to know more about the project at OpenMRS you are currently working on. I read about your User Onboarding idea from and love to discuss about it with you . How can i connect with you? @piumal1999

Hi, I am wondering if I can apply for pending projects ? Or would it better to apply for confirmed projects as they have already had mentors assigned ? thanks.

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Hi @issackwan,

Yeah, It’s usually better to apply for confirmed projects since they already have mentors assigned

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Hello, it may be a divergent question, but can you refer me to some documentation on understanding your JIRA workflow and how to claim and work on JIRA tickets? Thanks.

Hi @ayeshag7, The “Work on an issue” section of this wiki page will help you. Also, you can refer to the Developer Guide.

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Hello @piumal1999 , I am unable to acces the link (Zeplin - Login) you attatched in “designs” in first idea of gsoc.