Integration radiology

Good afternoon everyone!

My name is Ederson, I’m from Brazil and I’m looking to implement OpenMRS in a Radiology clinic, so that this is possible, I need the best option for the radiology part of the system. 1- Is Bahmni integrated with openMRS? 2- Would you have a better option than Bahmni in openMRS? 3- Do you have a tutorial on how to integrate Bahmni? 4- Is Bahmni the best option?

Ederson, can you be a little more specific about your requirements? Do you have a RIS system that you need to integrate, or are you looking for primarily a patient record that you can tie to an imaging procedure history? Are you primarily general radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, etc.?

Thanks for the help now !!!

That’s right, I would like an integrated RIS, and the clinic will be specialized in radiology, we will have X-rays, resonance, ultrasound and other exams.

Hello @ederson hello @akanter please could help let me know if you succeeded this? I am looking into implemeting a similar situation. Your ideas and implementation strategy can help. thanks

Don’t have anything new to report on this… Don’t think we included any special terminology more than what we already have and can be seen here:*&isTable=true&isList=false&page=1&facets={“conceptClass”:{“radiology/imaging%20procedure”:true}}

@njiddasalifu - See if these are helpful:

  1. An overview of a PACS-integration strategy

thanks @gsluthra and @akanter I will take a close look just now.