Integration radiology

Good afternoon everyone!

My name is Ederson, I’m from Brazil and I’m looking to implement OpenMRS in a Radiology clinic, so that this is possible, I need the best option for the radiology part of the system. 1- Is Bahmni integrated with openMRS? 2- Would you have a better option than Bahmni in openMRS? 3- Do you have a tutorial on how to integrate Bahmni? 4- Is Bahmni the best option?

Ederson, can you be a little more specific about your requirements? Do you have a RIS system that you need to integrate, or are you looking for primarily a patient record that you can tie to an imaging procedure history? Are you primarily general radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, etc.?

Thanks for the help now !!!

That’s right, I would like an integrated RIS, and the clinic will be specialized in radiology, we will have X-rays, resonance, ultrasound and other exams.