Integrate with an existing EMR system - Emmanuel Katto Uganda

Hi All, I am Emmanuel Katto. I’m a developer new to OpenMRS and I’m trying to integrate the system with an existing EMR system at a clinic in Africa. I’ve successfully installed OpenMRS and set up the database, but I’m having trouble connecting to the EMR system using the HL7 interface. I’ve followed the documentation and set up the necessary configurations, but I keep getting an error message saying that the connection is refused. Has anyone else experienced this issue before? Can you provide some guidance on troubleshooting this problem or point me in the direction of some resources that might be helpful?

Thanks in advance! Emmanuel Katto

hello @emmanuelkattouganda have you had a look at this Is there a Test API? ??? the test API worked well for me.

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Thanks @oliebolz ! Will check the link and try