Is there a Test API?

Hello team,

I’m currently testing the system that I hoped would be compatible with OpenMRS. I was wondering if there was a demo/test instance of OpenMRS that would allow you to do API calls back and forth? I know that it might be best to set up a reference server architecture somewhere on AWS and do it yourself, but I was hoping that there would be a demo version somewhere that I could start playing with to begin piloting some of my ideas. Any feedback or thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Regards, Olie

You can find links to demo instances at Demo –

thanks wyclif I am aware of the demo site but it would seem that the API is not functioning on the demo. I might have done the API call wrong but I cant find any Documentation on how to use the Demo API from Demo –

Hi @oliebolz (great username by the way! :cake:) You should be able to query our demo instance at with the username ‘admin’ and password ‘Admin123’. E.g. if you’re using Postman you could use this as your target.

For full REST API docs:

For a more detailed (and very recent) explanation of querying the OpenMRS API:

Hope this all helps :slight_smile:

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outstanding @grace Thanks for the tip

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