Installation Problem

hii i am trying to setup openmrs by manual installations but i am running into a problem here is the screenshot.

i have already gone through this "Unable to locate the Javac Compiler" when building with Eclipse and already set up the path in environment variable but still, the problem persist and i am not using eclipse.

here is some additional information

@vy9930 Are you deploying on an apache-tomcat servlet or running openmrs SDK?

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@ggomez Apache-tomcat Is there any relation between apache tomcat and my installation problem?

It looks like you have the 1.8 JRE installed, but the 13 JDK. Currently, OpenMRS only supports the 1.8 JDK.

Hope you will try configuring jdk 1.8 not jdk13 as @ibacher said add it to the class path, . then after that restart you computer, go to the directory of your file run mvn clean install -U and see , any progress or blocker let us know

@sharif and @ibacher Thank You for your pointers but now I am facing a new problem, openmrs-core build failing on windows, here are related details :Openmrs-Core build failure in windows' environment? please share your insights here