Openmrs-Core build failure in windows' environment?

Extending discussions at openmrs-core test failure,

Can someone possibly working within a Windows’ environment run a maven build on the openmrs-core project:

> mvn clean install

There is a belief that broken tests turned up with impact of this ticket:

@mogoodrich did you notice anything related to this??


@samuel34 i am new to open source trying to set up openmrs working on windows environment after executing the above command, tests are failing while installing openmrs-api i.e:

How to fix that? or should i raise a issue

Can you share details of your compiler log at

Good day I need some clarification Guys I recently installed Open Mrs Reference Application using the War file I loaded the database backup module and it’s working fine, how then can I use the database backup file thanks in advance

Here is the results

Sure, @dkayiwa this is the same case reported here: openmrs-core test failure

@samuel34 @dkayiwa i installed openmrs sdk, while doing setup of sdk i am facing build failure here are the details :

@vy9930 i have just made a commit for openmrs-core. Can you update and compile again?


Build Successful :relaxed::relieved: Thank You